Ultrasounds and Baby Gender Prediction

The number of ultrasounds you will have during your pregnancy will depend on how your pregnancy develops, if you have any complications and your doctor’s philosophy. Most doctors will not perform an ultrasound expressly for predicting the gender of your baby. Predicting the sex of your baby is an added bonus during the routine ultrasound. If your baby is positioned correctly, the ultrasound technician may be able to predict the gender after 16 weeks.

In addition to your routine scans, you may be able to find independent ultrasound companies who will provide ultrasounds. These ultrasounds will not be covered by your insurance agency and can be quite pricey. Once such company is Fetal Foto which has several locations around the United States.

There are two sites online which showcase ultrasound pictures, including ultrasounds which show the gender of the baby. Click any of the links below to visit the respective galleries.