Planning Your Gender-Reveal Party


In today’s world, it’s rare that expectant parents won’t know the gender of their child after they get into the midpoint or so of pregnancy. Even friends and relatives wait with baited breath to find out whether they should be buying blue or pink wrapping paper.

Spreading the information as to the gender of your baby can be casual, of course. Tell one person and you can just about bet that everyone in your circle of friends and family is going to know within a week (probably less than that).

However, one of the more interesting ways expectant parents are choosing to spread the word is by throwing a party. The Gender-Reveal party is a gathering where you invite friends and family to gather together and announce it all at once.

Being surprised

There are even ways you can participate in the excitement of the gender-reveal party. Ask the ultrasound technician to include the famous fetal ultrasound that reveals the baby’s gender (along with a note for any confusion) in an envelope. Rather than opening the envelope, take it to your neighborhood bakery and ask them to bake a cake dyed either pink or blue for a girl or for a boy.

Make sure the bakery uses vanilla icing (not dyed). When you cut into the cake, with all of your friends and family around you, you’ll know whether your’re having a boy or a girl.

A chance to celebrate

The Gender-Reveal party is a good excuse to celebrate, anyways. Typically, you’re going to know your baby’s gender at the 20-week ultrasound. You’ve made it through that first trimester, which can be very difficult with morning sickness, emotional changes, and other symptoms. Yet you’re not yet into the third trimester with its discomfort and rapidly-growing belly. That alone is reason to celebrate.

The gender-reveal party movement is just getting started. As time goes on, we can expect to see more and more products designed for these parties, such as decorations, confections, and more.