How to Predict Baby’s Gender the Chinese Calendar Way


One of the most ancient methods of predicting your baby’s gender is with a Chinese gender prediction calendar. This method has been used to help expectant mothers and fathers for thousands of years not only to determine whether they’re going to have a boy or a girl, but to help time their baby making activities so as to know when the best time is to conceive a boy or when the best time is to conceive a girl.

How it works

Chinese calendar gender prediction is based on two important factors: the age of the mother when the baby was conceived, and the month in which the baby was conceived.

The calendar relies on the lunar calendar, so you can’t simply use the Western calendar to make this determination. You need to know how old the woman is under the Chinese calendar, and know what Chinese lunar month the baby was conceived during.

Using the Chinese gender prediction chart

Once you have the mother’s age at the time of conception and the month of conception, it’s a matter of looking at the chart. Some combinations will result in a boy gender prediction, while others will result in a girl gender prediction.


The Chinese gender prediction calendar was, in ancient China, used exclusively by the royal families. In fact, it was invented for that purpose. The basic premise was to maximize the odds that royal families would conceive male heirs.

It wasn’t until after the fall of imperialism in China that the Chinese gender prediction calendar came to be used by ordinary people.

Potential errors

There are two common errors people make when attempting to use a Chinese gender prediction calendar: they either fail to use the Chinese (lunar) age of the mother or the lunar month. The other error has to do with miscalculating when exactly the baby was conceived.

Scientific methods

Chinese Gender Prediction calendars aren’t scientific, but they can be fun to use and talk about. Before you buy decorations, furniture, and clothing appropriate for a boy or a girl, you’re probably best off waiting for your 20-week ultrasound.