Are there gender prediction tests?

There are indeed a variety of gender prediction tests that people have used to determine the gender of their baby before their baby is born. Some of these tests are unscientific and fall into the category of myth, while other tests are actually fairly reliable in terms of gender prediction.

In terms of the unscientific gender prediction tests, there are at least two that come to mind. The first test is the Drano gender prediction test. In this test, the pregnant woman mixes a sample of her urine with crystal Drano. The color that the Drano turns after being mixed is then used for gender prediction. However, there are conflicting ways to interpret the Drano gender prediction test. In some cases, it is thought that a brownish color, for example, means that you will have a boy, where in other cases it is thought that a brownish color predicts a baby of female gender.

Another unscientific but more fun gender prediction test is the wedding ring test. In this test, you dangle a wedding ring over the pregnant woman’s belly. If the ring swings in a circular motion, the baby will be a girl. If it swings back and forth, it will be a boy.

The most reliable gender prediction test is a genetic test done with Amniocentesis. However, this sort of test is rarely done for the sole purpose of gender prediction, as there are certain risks to the baby. An ultrasound is probably the next most reliable gender prediction test. How reliable an ultrasound is at gender prediction has to do with a variety of factors, including the skill and experience of the ultrasound technician. Done at or after 20 weeks of pregnancy, gender prediction with ultrasound is thought to be more than 90% reliable.

There are also home blood tests that can be used for gender prediction. The makers of these tests claim that they are at least as accurate as ultrasounds at gender prediction. Many of them will also offer a refund on the price of the test if the baby turns out to be different than what the gender prediction test said that it would be. You must be extra careful if you decide to try one of these home tests. There have been many cases in the past couple of years where the tests turn out to be scam. Buyer beware.