Boy or Girl? That is the question!
Answer the following 15 questions to see
what you will be having,
according to the Old Wives Tales!

Look in the mirror and you will see,
whether a girl or a boy it will be,
Is your hair full of body, with a lusterous shine
or is it thin and stringy, and makes you want to whine?
Thinner and stringer
Shiny and fullbodied

For the next question, you need to look to your legs,
there down there somewhere, a little voice said.
Is your hair growing faster, could you make your own braids?
Or is it the same as before you were preg?
Same as before

How about your nails, my pregnant friend
Are they growing stronger and fast like the wind?
Or is the growth about the same as before
no changes at all, which can be quite a bore.
Faster and stronger
Same as before

When you wake in the morn are you green at the gills?
Unable to rise from your bed without being ill?
Or are you a lucky one who morning sickness has missed,
and you spend your mornings in a state of happy bliss?
green at the gills
bliss for being missed

Look at your cravings, for I'm told they will tell
the gender of your unborn child as well...
Is it sour taste that makes your day?
and lemons, and pickles keep you on your happy way?
Or do you find yourself craving sweets,
and always looking around for a nice little treat?