Feb 172012

Wedding Bands

This an easy baby gender prediction method to try. Take a pin, needle, or wedding ring and attach it to a thread or strand of hair. Hold the dangling item over mom to be’s belly while she is lying down. If the needle or wedding ring swings in a strong circular motion, you will be having a girl. If it moves in a to and fro motion like a pendulum, you will be having a boy.

An alternate version of this baby gender prediction method is to dangle the needle or wedding ring over the expectant mom’s wrist instead of belly.

  • Liv Rocks

    I tried the day before i went to my appointment to find out the quiz gave me girl sure enough girl what we wanted we had already had a boy Landon Matthew after his greatgrandfather

  • Mommyofsoontobe3

    This is pretty amazing! I’m 2 weeks away from finding out but I decided to try it. It’s predicting that we are having another girl. I have 2 older kids. A boy and a girl and I told my husband I feel like we are having a girl. Not exactly what my husband wants to hear LOL but I’d rather have a baby sister for both of them. I tried many times and it goes in circular motions. Even when I tried to swing it back and forth, it just goes back to moving in circular motion. Whoever came with this is brilliant! Time to shop PINK! 🙂

  • Pearlsr11383

    I tried it an its sayn a boy! Which I already
    have two girls,so I pray a boy it is!!

  • Kwpr

    I tried over both my wrist and belly and it says a boy! My husband is hoping so but I don’t care as long as it is healthy!

  • Harpolefamily7

    This is a VERY effective method. It will also tell you the order of your pregnancies. For instance; I’ve had a girl, boy, boy. It showed that then showed that I am having a GIRL!! We tried this on a friend ab 1/2 yrs ago. It said girl and she had a girl. Everyone that has done this, that I know, It has been correct!! All smiles! 🙂 

  • Jes

    This will be my first baby and my bf’s 3rd he has two girls already and with this test it’s a girl… Guess we’re getting another dog, which will be a boy since he’s the only guy in the house…

  • Judesmama23

    I’m thinking Girl and my doc says girl.. Did the test and it says girl too! Everyone is telling me I’m having a boy and my doctor is wrong. People can be such jerks!:(

  • Jenn

    I have heard different things about the “Wedding ring” test. Some say if it moves in a circular motion, it is a girl. Other sites (and people) say its the exact opposite-if it moves in a circular motion it is a boy. Does anybody REALLY know the truth? Also, I am an older mother (39) and people are telling me that my chance of having twins is possible because of my age. How does the “wedding ring” work for this cenario? Is there any old wives tales out there or home tests to be done regarding having twins?

    • Rlrichardson73

      Your chances of having twins does increase 30 plus, I was 36 when I had twin girls this is because as we get older most women tend to start releasing more than one egg preparing for menopause. Obviously 2 eggs need to be fertilized to make twins. I am now 38 and am pregnant again I released 2 eggs again but one of them is ectopic and isn’t growing whilst 1 is growing great in uterus. It’s called heteropopic and they said the 1 in tube will dissolve eventually. I didn’t have a clue I was having twins till 13 week scan but when I look back I was showing by 11 weeks and feeling flutters about 12 weeks so good luck Hun.

  • girliegirl

    I did this while I was pregnant and it was correct! Back and forth, a boy! The way I did it was to take a piece of thread and needle and rub it between my thumb and index finger and hold it over the palm of the same hand. For the first child, rub the thread once then hold it over the palm of your hand until it clearly indicates boy or girl. For the second child, rub the thread twice then hold it over the palm of your hand, etc. Continue rubbing 3, 4, 5 (or more!) times until the thread stops.There will be no second-guessing; the thread will stop IMMEDIATELY! It’s kind of freaky actually.

    I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager and I’ve found that it changes with every boyfriend I’ve had. For example, when I was with one of my ex-boyfriends and did the test, the needle and thread predicted SIX girls! When I tried it on him, it did the same! We’ve broken up approximately six years ago and he is now married with 3 girls!

    In high school, I mentioned the needle and thread prediction method during biology class and my teacher laughed, being very skeptical. It wasn’t until I took my chain and pendant (yes, those work, too!)  and tried the method on her that she became a believer. My chain and pendant revealed the sexes of every one of her six children, in order. She was completely floored.

    It doesn’t make sense, but it works!

    • Ja

      So what is the indication of a girl and for a boy

    • Makulit2016

      I tried your method and its right to the very end. Miscarried my first, 2nd girl, 3rd boy and now im expecting a girl. The ring stop in 5… i guess no more baby after this one.

    • I did your method just now it said very clearly boy, girl, girl, boy. I’m preg with number one and we’ll see! Sure made me smile though.

    • Leslie

      Yes this method works. The reason people get confused is because sometimes Palm facing up or down isn’t mentioned. This correctly tells me all of my 8 living children and includes miscarriages. Here’s the thing….if I do palm facing down it does side to side for all my girls and circles for boys. When I switch to Palm facing up it does circle for girls and side to side for boys. Goes through all of them and then stops. It works with any ring I have used and works when I’ve used hair or string on the ring. Always the same answers all the way through. Works on guys too. Try it Palm up and then facing down and see if it’s true for you too!

  • May Olver86

    my says that its a girl had my appointment nd dr says it’s a boy i was hoping for s girl since i have 3 boys already

  • JediOHgEE

    I’ve always been told (and tested) that if it swings in circles its a boy and its it swing back and forth its a girl. i was also told to use a gold ring. thats what i use and its been right for both my own kids and a few of my friends’ kids.

  • Aqzbarnhart81

    i did the ring test over my wrist and it showed 4 boys. its correct! i miscarried my 1st and then had 3 boys

  • Dande_18

    Did the ring test and said 2 boys and a girl. I have my 2 boys and just found out today that I’m having a girl!! Worked for me soooooooo happy :-))))))

  • Mariowoolley

    we just done the ring test it says a boy we will know on the 22nd may will get back to u xx

  • mellie

    If you’re getting a negative pregnancy test and you do this over your belly…will it still move or will it just stay still?

    • jmhshirley

      I saw this done on the Jay Leno show back in the 90’s by a vet who used the trick to tell the gender of exotic birds. The best way is to hold the necklace with the ring near your private parts. We used to do it on kittens and our pets-flipping them over and holding between there legs.Worked every time! If you are a girl and not pregnant, it will swing in a circle. Back and forth in a line is boy. When you are pregnant, hold it over your belly and it will pick up the babies gender. Not sure how this can be explained scientifically. I wish I could dig up that old episode of Jay Leno with the vet who used it. I have done it for my 2 pregnancies and it was spot on. I have done it for 11 women now and all have been right!

  • Allenaj4

    My family has been doing this test for generations.  However, we use a threaded string, and put the needle in a pencil eraser.  The pencil has to be a sharpened regular (wood) pencil.  I hadn’t heard about the ring until a couple of years ago, but the pencil works better because it has longer strides.  If it goes up and down (face to feet), it’s a boy, side to side is a girl.  Mine always said boy then girl, my whole life.  We always said the circling was in between children.  So, mine circles a bit then goes to boy, circles then says girls, slowly circles until it stops.  I have my boy and pregnant with what should  be a girl.

  • esj_williams

    I am 11 weeks pregnant and don’t know yet how many i am expecting but if going on the results of the ring test i would say i’m having one of each. It started going in cirles then slowed and went side to side then slowed and repeated both. I will keep you posted on this.

    • Allenaj4

       I think you’ll have 2 girls in your life, if it went side to side twice.  The test always told us every child we would have, in order.  I’ll have to try now that I’m pregnant and see if it’s different than it always has been.

      •  This is good to read. It started off going back and forth, then circled around for a long time, then went back and forth again. We have a son and I admit that I’m hoping for a girl this time. Does this mean that it already counted our little boy and is now predicting a girl? Or is it saying “Outlook hazy?” haha

  • Kirsty_mckie

    I have always been told about this from my mum and it’s always been correct with all her friends. When she done it with me at 17 with my first child it told me I was going to have 2 boys and a girl then a long gap then a girl then another boy, I thought yeah right!! To date I have had 2 boys and a girl had a 7 year age gap and had another girl I am currently expecting my 5 th child and am convinced that it will be a boy

  • Trinarusso31

    I just did it and it says I’m having a boy!!! Let’s pray this is my last chance at trying for a boy I have 4 girls already so well see

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  • Sunflower21222

    If you’re getting a negative pregnancy test and you do this over your belly…will it still move or will it just stay still?

  • Judee Garza

    If it goes in a circle it is a boy. Side to side it is a girl. If you don’t believe me do it on your wrist and it should be side to side. Do it on your husbands and it goes in a circle. Freaky but it gives you accurate results! Good luck!!!

    • Sharyn

      it says it the other way around …  circular motion a girl, to and fro a boy ….. ?

      • Gendog21

        yes, circle is a girl and back and forth, a boy.

    • Ronnie

      circle is girl, side to side is a boy. I have 3 boys and the last was a girl. It is spot on

  • Gendog21

    This test is crazy! It will predict what you have and/or will have! Hold it over your wrist, first it will go in a circular motion for you (you’re a girl, yes!) or back and forth if you do it on your husband. It will slow to a stop and begin telling you what you have and will have! I’ve done this on everyone I know and it has always been right!

  • laknee1

    I did the ring test, my husband did it, 4 of my girlfriends did it … EVERY TIME it said I was having a boy … I am having a girl!

    • Ronnie

      Did it go round or side to side?

  • Joe

    What a load of old rubbish.

  • moni

    Includes miscarriage and abortions?

  • April

    I tried the wrist and my belly and both went in circles so that means a girl.. I have two boys already so we are hoping for a girl 🙂

  • cristina

    i am 21 never been pregnant. been trying with husband for four years and nothing. recently he said he tasted milk from my breast. my pregnant friend came over 5 months in and i did the test with needle and with my wedding ring on her…..both exact in results.
    then it stoped after one movement with both. still. re did with needle and samething.
    i felt an energy and a tingle in my finger.
    Strange but ………….i FEEL there is more true to that prediction than some superstition.
    im cristina
    if you know anything or can help me out to understand this better PLEASE…email me at:_____- hillcristina516@gmail.com thanks

  • troy

    Also hide a knife and scissors under a pillow and tell a pregnant woman to sit. knife is boy.

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  • lovely51190

    ji just tried it and the first time i did it t was back and forth, i had a miscarriage my first pregnancy, second time i tried it it was side to side and my second pregbancy i had a boy, i am now 24 wks pregnant again and my sonographer said its a boy but looking closely at pic of sono u can see that wat she pointed to and said was the peepee is bout the size of my one of my fingers not to mention blurryness and it usually takes bout an hr as the intsructions say but i was in and out in 18 mins. no way am i believing the sonographer. so i anxious to try it and find out the sex of my baby. so i try it over mt palm then stomach the wrist and then other palm and i got all the same results of it being a girl, strong circular motions. so now im gonna ask for another sono at my next appt dec 10

  • Keri Johnson

    I have been doing this test for over 15 years, and every time except ONCE it has accurately predicted EVERY person I have done.  The one person it was wrong for was my sister it said she wouldnt have children, having one ovary that wasnt working that well to begin with, her chances were very slim. But she has one healthy girl, and has miscarried 2 others. Typically it does predict, miscarriages and still births.  For myself since I was 17, it has accurately predicted in exact order my 6 children, with 2 more yet to come…we shall see…

  • berry98

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  • MamaFox

    My mother has been doing this since before my oldest sister was born. With our family it has never been wrong……. I did it yesterday and im having a little boy and a little girl

  • Elisabeth

    I heard that circle is boy and side to side is girl. I have also read what ever you are thinking is the direction is what it will do. so if you are thinking circle is a boy it will do that for boy or vise versa. but you need to have it determined before hand. am I wrong? the test it goes in order of your children including born and mc and abortions. in between each gender it will stop for a bit then do the next one. My first kid i had a son and it went in circles then i had a mc- went in a circle, another mc- side to side and now I am 5 weeks pregnant and it did circle, stop, circle. does that mean twins 🙂 guess we will find out in 2 weeks.

  • миша кохт

    rBaby gender determination before birth and conception. Baby gender determination by photo of parents only. To do this I have an account and a group on Facebook. The group is called Baby gender by parents photo.

  • Sheila Manliguis

    what does a diagonal motion mean? I get diagonal, circle, up and down?????

  • Victoria james

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  • Mercedies

    Well I tried it for the first time it went circle stop circle stop and back and forth so that means boy I’ve had two girls already and I’m expecting again and just found out I admit I did believe it but I did it over my girls and it said girls and did it over a 2 month old boy I watch and it said boy so I hope its right cuz we want a boy this time

  • Lori

    No cirlce is a girl and side to side is a boy it dont matter witch way the side to side goes with up or down srill a boy! Did it will all my kids and was right have 2 boys and a girl and I am pregant again and this pregnany said a girl and a boy so I am scared!

  • Wilma

    How does it work if you are having twins.. Mine shows boy and directly after, it says girl without stopping once? Everytime exactly the same, my mom, mom-inlaw and and my best friend did it to me with the same results

  • Katherine

    It should actually done over the wrist or hand. It shows ALL the babies you’ll ever have. Not just the gender of your current pregnancy. Also, it has to be gold. Cannot be a needle. Your wedding ring, only if it’s yellow gold. Otherwise find something else that is yellow gold and that has been held for a while by the woman in question.

    • heather gallo

      Not true

  • Tiffany N Travis Moore

    I just did it on my wrist and it went in a very strong circular motion which says its a girl i really hope this is true!!!!!

  • Janette Summy Leifker

    Ok, ladies, help me out! PLEEEZE! I am driving myself crazy, and I
    can’t find these answers anywhere 🙁 Does the ring do anything for
    miscarraiges, or still just read a gender? What does it do with twins?

    I have 4 kids. 2 miscarraiges. B, mc, B, G, B, mc…My ring swings B,
    G, B, G, B, G, And ends with G/B/diagonal, and the diagonal goes a
    while. After it goes through them all, when I try it again in the same
    sitting, it just does the G/B/diagonal over and over. I may or may not
    be pregnant right now, ovulated 5 days ago. Low odds, but same odds as
    for my daughter. I do it over my belly and it does the B/G/diagonal.

    How does it swing for those of you with twins? I am 37, so nearing the
    end of my fertile days, where twins become more likely. Any Help is
    appreciated 🙂

    • Jennifer Adkins

      Curious as to how this turned out for you 🙂

  • Jennifer Hunter

    Ok so I just had a really weird result. A few days ago all I kept getting was an obvious circle. Today I asked if it was a boy and it went back and forth…then asked for it to show me a girl and it went in circles again. Not sure if this test is accurate but thought it was weird. I think it only shows you what you want to see.

  • Rebecca

    I am currently 6 weeks, I have done the needle and thread over my wrist. It goes 4 different times in circles.. I have 4 boys. Then it starts goin diagnol, then circle then pendelum(back and forth up my wrist). Anyone else do this and what does it mean?my vaginal ultrasound today only shows one baby

  • Sara Marie Havig

    I did this over my hand and it rocks. Then when I do it over my Belly it circles I’m 18nweeks.. I did the pencil test too and it says I’m having a girl I’m hoping my girl gets her sister she has 2 brothers

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