Feb 172012

This baby gender prediction method has been around for decades, and makes it’s rounds regularly on the web as a potential way to find out what gender your baby is.

The recipe to test this method is below, but it is NOT advisable that you try it as it produces very toxic fumes and the results are unreliable.

The drano / draino gender test should be performed after the 4 month of pregnancy.

This test must be performed outside in a glass / jar that holds can hold twice as much urine as you use as there is a bubbling, smelly, and caustic chemical reaction when you add your urine to the crystal drano.

What is needed for the Drano / Draino Gender Prediction Test:

  • Approximately 2 tablespoons of CRYSTAL Drano

  • Medium glass or glass jar. It is best to just throw the mixing glass away after performing this test.
  • Two to Three ounces of urine, preferably the first morning urine.

Take the test materials outside. Add your urine to the glass jar with the crystal drano in it. There will be a rapid chemical reaction and it is best to stay well away from the glass jar while the fumes are being produced.

When the reaction stops, observe the color of the test.

If the mixture darkens to a brownish color within the first 10 seconds – It is a boy.

If there is no darkening or color change after 10 – 15 seconds – It is a girl.

When you are done, you will need to carefully dispose of the mixture as it will have a very bad smell and still be very caustic.

The color results above are not very reliable as you will find many different variations of the colors in the results with people interpretting them all differently. This is not a reliable way to determine the gender of your baby, and could have serious side effects to the mom to be if the fumes are inhaled or the mixture gets on the skin. NOT RECOMMENDED as a baby gender prediction method.

  • this really does work!! worked with my son and my daughter!!!!

    • Little_ruthy_brooks

      im trying it tomoro. i tried it tonight but it says the first morning pee, so yeah 🙂

  • FaithsMama

    This worked with my daughter and I’ll be trying tomorrow with our second child and we’ll find out if it’s right or not in a few weeks.



    • djoy63

      My sisters and I all did this test at 14 weeks and the results were all acurate….5 for 5!!

      • sw413

         14 weeks is the first week in the 4th month.

        • CanYouAdd

          14 weeks is about 3 1/2 months…

  • Claudine_catches

    dose it have to be first morning pee

  • I did this very test 32 years ago.  My cousin did that same test the same day as me.  Her’s turned icky brown.  And…she had a boy.  It said I was having a girl…and I had a girl!  I rather early into my pregnancy too.  The thing is…the ultra sound machine didn’t yet disclose the sex of the child so I had to always wait to see what I was carrying when I delivered.  I tried this and was over the moon with joy that it could possibly be a girl.  It actually works!

  • djoy63

    This worked with both my 2 girls, and worked with my sisters 3 kids, and my other sisters daughter.  You don’t have to be 4 months.  We all did the test at 14 weeks, and it was done in the afternoon.  The test has been 5 for 5 now.  But yes, DO NOT DO THE TEST INSIDE.  The fumes are pretty bad, so do it outside.

  • Eng_cm

    omg I can’t believe this actually worked.. I did this test and it said we’re having and girl.. and sure enough my wife had a baby girl!!! :O 

  • Hoping

    Okay… mine turned green!? any thoughts? It never went darker just green.

    • Crystalseekers

      The draino itself is green, at least mine was, so if it stayed green I would guess girl?

  • Jennifers

    this is redonkulaas!!! u can get an ultrasound 4 months or so…..

    • Rachel

      You can get an ultrasound at 5 weeks .. but can’t determine sex until 20wks.

  • Lisha Ponder

    I have know of several women that have done this particular test and EVERYONE of them came back correct! It smells horride but it works! I’m a firm believer!

  • Bernie

    Can you use any type of crystal drain cleaner? I live in Australia and cant seem to find ‘drano’ just the different brands of crystal.drain cleaner…

  • Tara

    It was accurate for both my children =) one boy one girl

  • adeil

    Ok mine says its going to be a boy but i did the test at night I think ill try again in the morning but the ultrasound I had a few months ago showed a girl the Dr wasn’t 100% sure but I’ve had 3 other girls and the ultrasound looked just like theres…so I’m confused!!!!

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  • I was right with all three a my kids and that was 23 years ago starting with my son,than a daughter.then another son and also worked on my 1st grandchild      said it was gonna be a girl and 3 weeks later my daughter in law had a ultrasound and sure enough it was a girl

    • Vania Veit

       Hi Sharon, I have read that if the mixture turns brownish is a boy. However, someone else told me that would mean a girl. I am confused, what colors worked for you?

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  • kristi

    where could i get this drano from??