Feb 172012

Legend states that the Chinese Gender Chart was buried in a royal tomb near Beijing over 700 years ago. The original is allegedly currently in the Institute of Science in Beijing.

Rumors have it that this chart is over 90% accurate when used properly but please remember that this chart is for entertainment purposes only.

* The Mother’s Age on the gender chart is based on her Chinese Age at time of conception.

Click Here to Calculate Your Chinese Age

* The Month of Conception on the chinese chart needs to be the Chinese Lunar Month.

Click here calculate the Chinese Lunar Month


 Once you find these two items, you can cross reference them on the chinese gender chart below to determine the sex of your baby.


Mother’s Chinese Age At Time Of Conception
Chinese Lunar Month
of Conception
18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
January G B G B G B B G B G B G B B B G B B G B G B G B G B B G
February B G B G B B G B G B G B G G G B G B B G B G B G B G B B
March G B G G B G B B B G B G G B B B B G B B G B G B G B G B
April B G B G G B B G G B G G G G G B G B G B B B B G B G B G
May B G B G B B G G G G G B G G G G G G B G B B G B G B B G
June B B B G G G B B B G G B G G G G G G G B G G B G B G B G
July B B B G G B B G G B B B G G G G G G G G B G B B G B G B
August B B B G B G G B B B B B G G G B G B G B G B G B B G B G
September B B B G G B G B G B B B G G G G G G B G B G B G B B G B
October B B G G G B G B G B B G G G G G G G B B G B G B G B B G
November B G B G G B G B G G G G B G G G B B B G B G B G B B G B
December B G B G G G G B G B G G B B B B B B B B G G G B G B G B

Not seeing the full chart, up to age 45, click here.

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  • babyanny88

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  • ravi singla

    Real its worked

  • Melansonsam

    im not sure how to work the lunar/solar thing…help?

    • Aminakozica

      Just see your age when u got pregnant for exp….I am 26 and got pragnent in march so see march and there it is…..hope it helped for my first corecct

  • Sriti_gupta


    • Quyesha

      Worked for my first baby also..

  • Vlskcs3

    I thought you were suppose to add a year to your age at conception? I read some other information that Chinese age starts from conception . So if you are 29 at conception add a year then cross reference with month of conception. If that is the correct way then the Chinese calendar prediction was wrong with two of my pregnancies and right with one. Now if that way was incorrect then the Chinese calendar was correct with all my pregnancies. Meaning don’t add a year to your age before cross referencing . Which is the correct way?

  • xio

    It was accurate with me for both of my pregnancies, a boy 1st and a girl the 2nd time!

  • Guest

    The gender predictor chart worked for me. It said that I was having a boy and sure enough he was a boy..Now I would like to have a girl so we will see if it will work in my favor this time. All fingers crossed.

  • Jshai3

    i checked for the ages i was with all my children and it does work.

  • Minunyodu

    correct for my first baby.minu

  • Cmdean91

    both for my mom were wrong

  • wendy

    How do I know I’m doing this correctly? What exactly am I cross referencing??

    • Jennyn220

      Your age at the time of conception and the month of conception. For example i was 27 in october when i conceived so there for im having a boy. Hope that helps.

  • Jennyn220

    It was true for my first baby. It was also true for two of my cousins and they both have three kids.

  • if im doing it correctly my first 2 were meant to be boys?… but they were both girls… and my 3rd was right… was another girl…. stink =( must be just my body being defiant! haha

  • Camellabisnott

    I’m not sure how this work I’m 11 weeks I’m 25 years old and I got pregnant like around the 25 of jan what I’m I having

    • Chrisnkimoct13

      By the looks of the chart is says a girl 🙂

    • popsy

      25 is not your chinese age.. calculate your chinese age

  • Seckmab_cheerleader_12

    What if you were 17 and got pregnant, but 18 when you had it. ??

    • brittany

      then you would go by 17 hun since thats when u concevided

    • Tara

      it says the age you got pregnant so you will go with 17 and the month you got pregnant

  • mammaof2

    worked for both my kids

  • Chrisnkimoct13

    Says my 1st child was a boy which he is. Now I’m pregnant with my 2nd child and it’s supposed to be a girl according to this. Hopefully it is right because I really want a baby girl 🙂

    • Mysticalbuttrfli

      very much like your comment i am in the exact same boat. i have a boy which i tryed and it said that is what he would be and supposed be a girl this time, It told us the same thing. I am going to pray we both get lucky. Eitherway a healthy baby. goodlck i find out in 2 weeks im excited.

  • Nag26

    was rite for all 4 of my boys hopefully will be rite an i will get my girl this time will be back in oct to confirm good luck all

  • Tmfirefighter36

    Mine was wrong said i was having a girl but im having a boy!

  • Omac84

    Chinese AGE PEOPLE !!  If you are 26 you should look at 28 because that is your Chinese age .. 

    • Suece82

      If your age 26, u must see 27…

  • Kellys 21

    This was correct for my first a girl & now due to have 2nd its says boy & the ultrasound said boy too 🙂

  • Garciaj828

    I had girl, boy, girl, boy according to this and it was right. Perfect

  • Well with my first one according to this calendar I was supposed to have a girl but i had a boy…. in the end only the final result can tell for sure

  • Garciaj828

    I actually went back and calculated my previous kids & its still right

  • Baby_chailynns_mommy

    says my first is girl which is and this one is supposed to be a girl ultrasound said its a girl also

  • Sweet Lips 19

    It was right for my son and it was also right for my daughter and some of my friends try this and it actually worked for them!!

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  • Nnikki1797631

    It was right for my first and second children, two beautiful girls. My niece was told she was having a girl by her scans but this said a boy……… She gave birth to Charlie Roy!!!!!!, right again 🙂 x

  • Ahwalker610

    Was right for my first (a boy), but wrong for my 2nd.  I had a boy and it said girl.  I’m pregnant now and it says girl, but we will see….everybody thinks this one is a girl except me.  I also thought my boys were girls….haha

    • Mrsrafferty09

      i am kinda hopein mine is wrong it says a girl but its my first but i want a boy because they are a little easier i have helped with my nephews my mom had all 4 girls so maybe god will give me a boy but i really dont care as long as its healthy. but it was right on my moms 4 girls and my oldest sisters boys.

  • dionne

    So far this has been wrong for both of my children.  We’ll see if it is wrong for the third time her in a few months 😉

  • Greeshmasuraj

    One of my friend got pregnent her dob is feb 2 1990 chinese calender showed its a girl but she got a boy baby

    • 148269

      It’s the month the baby was ” made” and the age of the mother, not the month the mother was born.

  • Guest

    This worked for me! I’m a girl!

  • tinaoh

    my fisrt child was a girl which is right, im now sixteen weeks pregnant and this says i will be have a little girl again^^
    i hope this is right, coz i want two beautiful daughter^^

  • Guest

    It says I’m having a boy!
    my Dr. also told me my peanuts heartbeat is in the boy range.
    I don’t find out what I’m having for another 2 months!

  • Neaa

    Are you girls adding extra 2 years in your ages or you look at your current age? I’m so confused…

    • Cassie Carter81

       When I do it by my correct age, its been wrong.  When I do it with the extra 2 years, its correct for all 5 of my children. Hope that helps.

  • Jadey

    I found out yesterday I’m having a girl so this is correct! 🙂

  • Lyndsey_2004

    Was right for me!! Two boys! And its been right for 5 out of 6 friends!

  • Flemaus

    Was right for me. says was a girl and sure it was.

  • maranatha

    I’ve used this method for both my children and it was wrong both times! I used the correct chinese age and lunar month calculations.

  • every single baby born to family and friends have been right on I thought it was crazy so I decided to even try with my mother and mother in law and the kids they had were right on so I was pretty surprised that it was that accurate!! 

  • brandy

    I have four boys and the Chinese calendar predicted boys all four times. Wish I knew about this a lot sooner then maybe I would have the lil girl ive always wanted lol. Next time though 🙂

  • xstaceylpx

    You need to work your Chinese age before working out te rest. Chinese age is different to English age due to the new year starting at a different time 🙂

  • Kiwibrownin

    Everyone thought I was gonna have a boy and the chart predicted it was gonna be a girl. The daddy and I had already made the decision that we would wait until the baby’s birth to find out what the gender would be and guess what!!! ( We had a beautifil baby girl she’s gonna be 1 year old  in July!!

  • Hannahtapp

    i have 4 boys and am 18 weeks pregnant this says i am having a girl so hopefully its right would love a little girl finally lol x

  • greenfrog74

    Prediction was a girl but I have a boy

  • eredeo…

    i got pregnant i was 23 and august it was made and its a boy while here it says its a girl….

  • Stacey Lepage

    I’ve gone over this numerous times with the correct age and says I had two girls. I had two boys. So little hope in predicting the third.

  • guest

    my first 2 babies were predicted right, but with this pregnancy it said girl and im having a boy… i was so sure it would be a girl because it had worked for me with my first 2 pregnancies but this time it didn’t.. so i dont believe in this anymore:(

    • Reemy

      Did you calculate it right? I mean did you use you Chinese age and Chinese lunar month?

  • Stephanie Jane

    You need to calculate your Chinese age before doing this. Usually your Chinese age is 2 years older than what you currently are. I was born on 1/20/1988 so I’m 24, but my Chinese age is 26. I got pregnant in Decemeber at the age of 22, but my Chinese age was 24 at the time. It predicted a girl and was right! I now have a beautiful 7-month-old little princess!! 🙂

  • Joyceotema

    am 33 but the chart is up to 31years.

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  • The birth chart is based on lunar calendar and includes factors such as Five Elements and yin and yang. Accordingly, the Chinese Birth Chart is considered as pretty accurate.

  • Sarahfritts

    We did mine when I was pregnant, and said I was having a girl, when to the gender doc appt and they said boy. So I went back and looked and I had made a mistake. I got pregnant when I was 18, but when I looked at the chart I had already turned 19 so I went off 19 and thats were I messed up, so when back and check when I was 18 and it said it would be a boy SO TO GET TO MY CONTUSION LOL it was right I just made the mistake and read it wrong. We went back at looked at my sister, mom, gma, and aunt and they were all right to. Im hoping it all wasn’t a flunk bc now me and my husband want a lil girl and lil sister to our wonderful boy Austin <3 gonna try and use this chart to get it right, lol

  • Dharshithaa

    to check the gender of the baby, whether we what to calculate the current age or complete age of the mother?
    we what to calculate last period date or this month?

    • brandy

      I hope I’m answering your question correctly if I read your post right…if I’m not I apologize but To check the gender of your baby you want to go by the age you are when you got pregnant and the month you conceived in. The month of conception being on the left side and your age being on the top.

  • Brandy_girl888

    i currently have four boys…i just learned about this chinese gender chart so i calculated back to my age and time of conception with all four boys and this chart predicted right all four times! had i known about this chart earlier then maybe my husband and i would have the lil girl weve always wanted lol…nest one though 🙂 good luck everyone!

  • Brandy_girl888

    i currently have four boys…i just learned about this chinese gender chart so i calculated back to my age and time of conception with all four boys and this chart predicted right all four times! had i known about this chart earlier then maybe my husband and i would have the lil girl weve always wanted lol…nest one though 🙂 good luck everyone!

  • VikkiReekie

    I have two boys and had scan today to show its a little girl all Match this chart
    As do 12 of my friends and family, very accurate we had only 1 which wasn’t right!

  • Echerry81

    This chart woks, I have three kids. Two boys and my baby girl :). Good luck!

  • Matweedy91510

    im sure that this chart is for entertainment purposes only, but i did find it interesting that it told me my first chid was going to be a girl and it was correct that my second was gonna be a boy and it was correct and now it says that i will have a girl..its prettty cool how it is working for me

  • Deveny

    I checked and it said Boy for both my children so far, which is awesome because it was right on. Hopefully its right on with this one, were wanting a girl. Find out in a few days what were having. 

  • Sharonica Ridley

    I jus learned about this chart. I went back and calculated the years I got pregnant wit my boys and it was right. I have a 3 yr old boy n 16 months old twins and i don’t want any more boys! I’m only having this baby because this chart told me I was having a girl but I went to another predictor called (fortune baby) n it told me I was having a boy but I think it calculated my birthday wrong but anyways Im having second thoughts about this baby

    • sosad

      How sad. aborting a child because of its gender? sister, i will pray for you to have a little more consideration.

  • Jswindell530

    Said I was having a boy – but, my daughter was born in October!! So, not correct for us!

  • thisshnitworks

    @Jswindell530 its the month you conceived not the month the baby was born, and your age!

  • Scooby_boop2000

    I was just messing around w this chart , I don’t find out what im having til Monday so hopefully its right but I tried it on others and it has proven to be correct 🙂

  • Jayjaybrandy1

    you have to find you age in chinnese lunar calender .. go this site( http://www.baby2see.com/gender/prediction.html ) put ur birthday and day u conception and it tell ur age in chinnese lunar calender and wat ur baby gender is. i was born sep so i was 2 years older.

  • angiexg

    mine was right on all 3 pregnancies 

    • lexa99

      how did you use it?

    • neha

      how to calculate age i was 23yr & 9 month when i conceived ….my b’day date is 24 dec 1987 n conceived in november 2012 …what should expect??……calculate it by 23 or 24 plssssssssss help…

      • mazhar

        23 n neglect month

  • Stogey_21

    Are you all making sure you use your Chinese age instead of your actual age when calculating this? Your chinese ages puts you 2 years older than your current age which could make the outcome different.

  • Alyzzadeleon

    what about leap year?! I believe I conceived on February 29th… 

  • Jayjaybrandy1

    to find your age u concieve in chinnese calender click this site   http://www.baby2see.com/gender/prediction.html

  • Ndalley

    How do I see the right side of the chart?

    • admin

      Try this link http://www.babygenderprediction.com/genderchart.html The format of the blog cuts off the chart with smaller resolution viewing screens on your phone or computer.

    • ImVickieB

      Try this link http://www.babygenderprediction.com/genderchart.html The format of the blog cuts off the chart with smaller resolution viewing screens on your phone or computer.

  • Cnana818@aol.com

    How does this work can some one plz

    • Freakycupid69

      Use your current age and the month you conceived. Bases on LMP if you are not sure this should tell you rather its a boy or girl I used this before with friends so far it got all of ou. Good luck

      children correctly identified

      • sudheer dhawan

        I have  predicted 7 persopns and result is 100 % right!!

  • Butter_angel2006

    worked on all four of mine. hubby and I are working on number 5 to have another boy!

    • lexa99

      did you go by your chinese age at time of conception and chinese lunar month??

  • Vanne_909

    Ok some one plz help we want a boy and my chinese age is 28 and we wanna try for a boy in aug. and the calendar says a B so am I calculating this right??

    • Heavypain Homeopath Amma

      yes, sure I can help you. There are some reports which says (1) there is no relation between the time of intercourse and the gender of the child born, (2) success of the pregnancy to live birth is highest if the conception is on or one day before the ovulation. A few of the study says that (1) if the female is older than the male partner then the chances of male child is high. Chart suggests 75% chance of male child (late aug, early sept), while, I assume if your partner is older than you and the age difference is roughly within 5 years then roughly 60% chance of having male child. So the proposition is favourable with not minimum than 60%. Try to conceive on or one day before of ovulation. Daily intercourse has marginal effect on chances of getting pregnant, while within last two days of ovulation, chances are favourable. In fact intercourse at least once in two days is favourable towards pregnancy. Always accept these kind of analysis as a chance, otherwise girls are also beautiful. Think about yourself. You would not have been thinking about getting pregnant, if you would not have been born. For male like us, it is just a matter of a few drops, but for the female it is the question of life, and a beautiful life thereafter. Do not bother about all these things, not about social system. Do not care about those stupid idea of having male child. My mother is staying very far from me, and I am of no help for her.  No son has done any great for his mother on this earth. Read history and convince yourself. Then why bother!! Just go for it. May god bless you.

  • Mollie

    This isn’t the only website that has this chart. There are websites that will do the gender predictions for you, if you will in the information needed. This was accurate for my first pregnancy when it said I was having a boy. Now I’m pregnant with my second and it’s telling me to expect a girl. Guess there’s really only one way to find out…

  • Rlbogus0429

    i am 30 and my partner is 28 we are trying to have a girl i looked into all the tricksto try to concieve a girl.A friend of mine suggested the chinese chart but i have checked a few and most of them are different.How can itell with one to go by?

  • Ariana

    i hope this is right for me even though i am so not ready for my second baby when i now have a 7 month old daughter all i need is a baby boy =] I can’t complain i am thankful god is blessing me with another child  

  • Allypoulin

    My first child it says she was suppose to be a boy and now it say it’s going to be a boy as well…I’m wondering if I should assume its another girl hahah

    • Azime1978veyseli


  • Beyazdilekce58

    normal yasına bı yaş eklenerek hesaplandıgı söylenıyor.bizde öylemi yapalım.yardımcı olurmusunuz.

  • hj321

    This was wrong 2 of my 3 boys when I used my “chinese age and lunar month” but correct w/all 3 of them when using my actual “american” age and month. So hopefully its correct without converting my age to whatever they determine to be the chinese age/lunar month. And it isn’t always 2 years older then what you actually are either when converting to your chinese age as people have said in the past.

  • Danymar1988

    Hi what about if on that month is a leap Month so it better for me to try to conceive on that month or not

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  • Marianna_mann_p1

    It says for january conception and age that I will be having a girl. Very wrong. I’m having a little boy 🙂

    • jinny

      my age was 24 years n 7 months  at the time of conceive. What will i have?

      • jinny

        my age was 24 years n 7 months at the time of conceive. conceived in the month of february. What will i have?

        • Kboo_10081992


  • Sexyladyppp1978

    Well with both kids it was right for me.

  • Lynzuknow

    This was wrong for both of my kids. It told me I was having a girl, then I had my son. Then when I took it again for this pregnancy, it said I am having a boy and I just got my ultra sound today and I’m having a GIRL!! She is due in early November. This is just for fun!!

    • Txnshorty611

      If your bday is early January you use your current age. If not you add a year to your current age.

      • Guest

        i was born on august 18,1986… what will be the gender of my baby if i get pregnant on july?

        • Jbarrett_1


  • Brennie19

    I am pregnant with my third. Both of my prior pregnancies were predicted correctly as girls by this chart. This time.e it predicts a boy. If it’s right I will sware by this chart!! Lol

  • Txnshorty611

    The calendar was right with all 3 of my kids and all my sisters pregnancies too!
    2 boys 1 girl 🙂

  • Niqizaqt01

    I love it! I’ve it on every pregnant woman I’ve encountered in the past 2 years (including myself) nd it hasn’t been wrong yet!!!!

    • Really can u please share how u calculated it with me…
      Yrojas79.yr@gmail.com if u don’t mind, I’m trying for a girl. I have 3 boys and 1 girl

      • mommy27

        You have to add one year to the age that you are when you conceive to calculate your lunar age, then check the chart for the month you conceive in or want to conceive in. 🙂

    • Cderr0815

      Can u tell me how to use this please?? marine_wife0815@yahoo.com

    • bluered

      can u plz help me in calculating the age correctly for this chart my DOB is 2nd aug 1985 n im actually trying for a boy.

      • Lori823

        you look for 27 and the month you conceived and bring your fingers together and you’ll land on either b or g, good luck

        • mommy27

          She has to add 1 year to her age to calculate her lunar age. So she would be looking for 28 on the chart as her age.

    • Lori823

      5yrs ago it told me boy and thats what i had, now it says girl, all fingers crossed, i want my princess

    • tinu

      hello mam i wanna a girl my age is 22sep 1986 can u plz tell me when would i have that..in which minth from now onwards

      • mommy27

        you have to add one year to your age. So check the age of 23 on the chart which will be your lunar age, then check every month that has a G.

        • rexiboy82

          why do u add a year to ur age…i am 38 trying to have a boy we have 3 girls not pregnant yet trying to see what month will give me a boy…help me

          • nancy

            u actually have to add 2 years to ur age because in chinese lunar year u are supposely 2 years older so on the chart u would be 40!!

  • Optimistic

    I really wish they would show a gender chart on women over 45 years

  • Kwhittingham

    The chart told me I am to have a boy and guess what…… I’m having a boy!!! I really don’t know if this chart really works but I’m happy with my result.

  • Kristirenee28

    I’ve guessed for all my friends and family even tried my mother and mother in laws babies to see all right just recently I got the first wrong it said boy but my cousin is having a girl!?!?

  • Kristirenee28

    Has anyone tried planning for a particular sex like you want a boy so you try those months and age I was just curious to see if it worked for anyone??

  • Tdizzle022

    please help. I can’t figure this thing out. It keeps saying I’m 1. Lol my birthday is March21990 and conceived in march. What will i have?

    • Vijaysajjan


  • Marybeth

    My sister did this chart on me and it said that i was havin a girl not it is sayin i am havin a boy it worked on both her kids but we dont know about mine 

  • Kriseth2000

    Tdizzle022 yours is a boy

  • Heathershellito

    I cant figure any of this out?? My bday is 8181989 i concieved in may and time zone 6 i guess??

    • Heathershellito


  • I did my daughters date of conception and my age when i concieved her and it was RIGHT. Now it says ill be having a girl in august we will find out 🙂

  • Manju Raam

    this chart is saying only the truth thing, bcz when i conceived my age was 24 and in the month of october,And now i’m havind girl baby as this chart says. so i’m beleiving this.

  • Froggish13

    both mine said girls and I have two boys!!!!

  • dpsp

    wen should i took chance 4 having a baby boy my birth date is 19 march 1989

  • Nyanna6134

    Mine told me I was having girl,I have my ultrasound last week and guess what? I’m a girl

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  • Reality0402

    in the end of the day you get a child that God has decided for you and your spouse and not a chart!

    • ugh

      shut up. its only for fun, jeez

    • JJJ

      God has nothing to do with gender, Please allow some logic into your life.

      • AMANDA


        • I believe in God and I don’t believe God chooses gender. Whether or not He does or not, you still shouldn’t yell at other’s opinions with all caps.

  • 4kidsandacat

    Wow so you’re telling me that there’s no way I can conceive at 45? The chart doesn’t go up that high.

    • Jandriene

      Yeah…I am 46, almost 47, and accidentally became pregnant in May! First son at 40 second son at 42. This chart is disappointing and insulting to me…..must be a miracle conception!

  • Gurmeet 8822

    my birth date is 30,4,1985 and laast period is on 8 april what is the gender of baby

  • M_mcpherson420

    I conceived my son in June of 2007, the chart predicted he was a boy! And Im expecting my second in March of 2013 and the chart predicts that the baby will be a girl -I guess well find out in 16 weeks! 🙂

  • Ash

    First time i have checked that was boy but i have a girl. I want to plan for baby boy, date of birth is 19 july1984. This time i really worried about accuracy.

  • Daman

    my birth date is 04oct1988 and last period date 27april2012 what is the gender of my baby

  • falconS

    you are all checking the prediction with ur current age but the proper way it has to be your Lunar age! find out what your Lunar age is first then check the gender again


  • Contactdazeal

    my birth date is 14 aug 1983 abd last period date 4 jan. 2012 what is the gender of my baby

  • Satu_kaur

    Hey can anyone helpme plz my birthday is on 7 nov 1983 and i want to conceive in aug 2012 …can anyone help me to find out what will I have according to this chart…plz

    • Pudee1

      so looking at the calendar, you are 29 now, would like to conceive in Aug, that would be a Boy.

      • Satu_kaur

        Thanks dear for helping………

  • Satu_kaur

    Wat do you mean by Chinese age is 3. Plz can anyone explain.

  • Priisood

    Hi can anyone tell me whats my lunar age is ? I was born on the 7 Aug,1985. According to this chart i plan my baby in nov 2010 which shows i would hav a boy. But i gave birth to a girl. I checked with almost all ladies prediction including my mum . Everyone’s was right but my was opposite. I am planning for second one in Aug 2012.can anyone tell me what i will have this time. Please Help !

  • Rishilubana143

    Hey i don,t know my date of birth ithink it may b 6 feb 1987 but my year is confrm plz help me
    my due date 7 nov. 2011

  • Katherine

    Hello can someone find my baby’s sex for me ? My date of birth is 6 june 1981 and my last period was 7 april 2012? Plss help! Thanx a lott

    • guest

      girl, you were 30 yr s old + april = girl

  • Yeseniaa

    i dont get how to caluate the chinese lunar month? Can someone help? Pleaseeeee.

  • Guest

    Ladies, how old were you when you conceived the child and what month was your last period, e.g. I was 26 yr s old and last period was April so it says I’m having a girl

  • Ritabhuyan

    hi,my age is 36 as found by chines age method,i wants to concieve  in the month of september.please tell me the actual baby gender,whether it is boy or girl?

  • Padmak47

    hi my birth date is jan 23 1984 and i want to concieve in september can anybody help me to find uot what will i have according to chinese gender chart thanks

    • Itworkedforme

      Will be a boy if conceive in sep/oct if u want a girl u have to conceive in nov or dec

  • 671guam

    All four of mine r correct I got four boys

  • Gudyia

    Hi can anyone check for me plz ……my birthday is 7nov1983nd I want to conceive a boy ……..plz can anyone tell me which month should I conceive to get a baby boy……

  • Ades83

    Mine said girl! And I’m having a girl!

  • trynagain

    I know this is only 90% right and for fun.. but.. I already have girls and we all really want a boy now. Im trying to plan this right and would love input. According to this, if we try in sept of this year, it should be a boy. My bday is 02-12-85. it says to look at Aug of when Im 28? Is that right? sept when Im 27 says boy and so does aug for 28.. does this mean i have a better chance? or did i do it wrong? please help! last baby and need to carry on a name.. I don’t want kids after 29 since I have to have another c-section

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  • madzmummy

    I suspect many of you aren’t following the specific directions … I was 36 in December when I conceived. According to the directions, my chinese age was 37 and my lunar month as November. If I didn’t calculate my chinese age and lunar month, my results would be completley opposite. Take the time to calculate the variants correctly before you assume anything… just sayin 🙂

  • des

    this is sooooooooooooooo right!! it predicted mine was a boy , turns out its really a boy 🙂

  • Romyvenzo

    My birthday is June 24 1986, and I conceived on July 2012. Can someone help me with what I am having?? I am so confused with all the Chinese age and month thing :))

    • Lolipop12

      A girl (:

      • Snowflake

        Hey can you help me out in was born jan 18,1985 and conceived in April ???? I have 3 boys fingers crossed for a girl but a healthy baby is all that matters !!!!

        • SummerRose

          27 & conceived in april Boy

      • hi can u help me please my actual age is 26 and i conceived in julay what i m gonna have coz this chart confused me.it says its a gile but in other chart it s says it s a boy.

        • Pregnant? You are gonna have a baby, either boy or girl.

    • SummerRose

      If you are 26 and conceived in July then its a Girl

      • VictoraS

        Summer!? Its Victoria… Did the calculator show correct for little Jazmyne

    • simon

      its Boy

    • Lori823

      a girl, you look for july and the age you are and bring your fingers together and it lands on “g”

    • sweet4dayzz

      your having a girl

  • Lolipop12

    It says a girl for you(:

  • Shay

    For those needing help, the number going across on the top is your age(assuming your mommy) at the month you first got pregnant. Your first month. So go down to the month you conceived this pregnancy from your age. And b is boy g is girl. Blue pink. Its pretty self explanatory. (: it was right foe my son, so im hoping its right again for another boy. 😀 ha

    • neha

      yaa bt how to calculate age if somebody is 24 yrs and 9 month like completing 25 …so either calculate it with 24 or 25..if at the of 24.9 she is conceiving……plsssssssss help

  • lizzy79

    Hello Im 33 years old and my birthday is in March 26 1979,,,,my last menstrual period was on April 20–2012 but had my inplantation date in May 4 can someone help me boy or girl thankssssss so much….

  • Anu

    Hi. My birth day is 8-july-1987. I conceived on January 12 and expected date of delivery is in Oct 12.So plz tel how to predict my baby gender ???

    • the calendar says u having a GIRL! and you should know the gender baby already 🙂

  • aju

    I have checked in many sites of chinese calendar to predict girl or boy, differenct sites have different chart and not matching each other. I am in confusion, could someone help me I want a boy and my date of birth is 1982.10.14 please advise me with clarification which date and month is suitable now unwards for sitting for conception………

  • babydreamer12

    I do not understand this lunar solar year stuff, I’m 28 and conceived in July 2012, any help please?

  • Kim

    Can some one help me I was born Sept 21 1992 I have a boy and a girl I’m due Feb 22 2013

  • Yayis

    I want to try for a boy my chinese age is 33 so when should i conceive

  • vini

    My birthday is march 27 1987, and I conceived on jan 2012. Can someone help me with what I am having?? I am so confused with all the Chinese age and month thing :))

  • jennifer

    my date of birth is march,11,1990 and im trying to conceived a girl before this year ends can someone help me am so confused.

  • lizzy79

    Hello need help Im 14 weeks pregnanat and want to know what Im having. Im having a hard time to understand the calender….Im 33 years old my birthday is on march 26 1979 my lst mesntrual period was on April, 20 2012 but had implantation on May 4 2012 thanks so much God Bless

  • Hello I’m confused on how to do this my birthday is december 17,1990 and I concieved on june 13,2012 . I live in the CST can someone help me out with this

  • ashreeka

    My birthday is 29 oct 1986 and conceive on march can any one with what i will have? please………………

  • raksha

    i m 28 ,born on 17 june1984 and conceived in march 2012 due in dec .is it a boy or girl

  • subo

    omg i went of my age of conception which was 29 and month march but wasnt mu luner HELP girl or boy???

  • Natalie

    How does this calendar work I’m 23 About to turn 24 in 2 months; do I stay at 23 or go to 24 if I’m almost to the end? I’m trying for a BOY

  • Marlene

    Hi I was born September 26,1992 conceived July,2012 what I’m I having?

    • may

      I think girl !

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  • Birthday is march 24th 1993 and concieved april 15… can anyone tell me what im having … in pacific time zone

  • mocmayra87@gmail.com

    Question… how do I predict my next child I want a boy! ..
    I’m not pregnant yet but, I already have a 5 year old girl ( Kathy).
    But I want a boy(:
    My date of birth is 7/31/1987 so can anyone tell me when to conceive?

  • Dolly

    Hey guys plz help me I m 28 years old date of birth is 7nov1983 …….can anyone help in which month should I try to conceive for a baby boy…….? As I already have beautiful daughter…….plz help me

  • Yossie

    My birthday is 28august 1983 Chinese age is still in 29 when I was pregnant in feb 2012 did I consider Chinese age 30. 🙂 even I not birthday yet.

  • tip

    can someone help me im 26 n birthday is feb 3 1986 an concieved in may

  • cant for the life of me figure this out… i was born nov.9th 1987 n conceived march 2012..

  • kavitha

    My date of birth is may 8 1989 and i conceived on december 2011. can someone help me which baby i have . . My due date is on Aug 30 of 2012

  • Jesser

    I was born 3/6/91 and I conceived 4/15/12 I didnt know I had to calculate a Chinese age! Can some one help me please lol

  • LADY P


  • Suraj tagare

    How i will calculate Lunar Month

  • mummy

    was born 10th april 1978 and i am 22wks preggas what am i having.

  • brittney

    My birthday is 04/04/1994 and my english age is 18 and i conceived june 16th and im 6 weeks. what am i having?

  • TattedTeen

    My birthday is May 21,1995 and I conceived on July 2012..what am i having?

  • ri

    this is my first pregnancy and I’m 32wks and this said it was going to be a boy and he is def a boy lol



  • kavishai

    My birthday is October 25 1986, and I conceived on July 2012. Can someone help me with what I am having??

  • Apple

    my birthday is March 4, 1985 and I conceived on August 1, 2012. Can someone help me with what I am having? i try it but wasn’t sure.. its a girl?

    • Emilie

      If you conceived today your chinese age is 28 so it should be a boy.

  • Carmen

    How do u figure out the lunar and solar stuff ? I want to see what I MAY be having, lol. Feb 17 1974, and lms was april 13??? I don’t know when I conceived? I have 3 boys now

  • Babymom

    My bday is on feb 3 1984, and conceived on may 2012..can you help me what I’m having??

  • monsemrtz

    My birthday is November 10,1991 I have two boys already n I want the girl can some one help m plizz:)

  • bebs

    my date of birthday is 26 may 1979 then which month i should see

  • bebs

    my date of birth is 26 may 1979 which age i have to see on 2012

  • amz123

    hey can someone work mine out for me i concieved in april 2012 and my birthday is july the 30th 1991

  • Amanda

    I was born October 20 1995 and the due date is in February 21 2013 can anyone help me out with the gender?

  • Erica

    I dont know how to get my chinese age or lunar month.. I. Live in cst and born in june 13 1986 conception in June

  • Erica

    My bday is June 13 1986 conception in June 12 can u help plz

  • Natalie

    My birthday is June 23 1988 and I conceived July 2012 can u help me?

    • the calendar says aa BOY !

  • erica

    can someone help plz.. my bday is 6/13/86 and i conceived june 2012

  • Kmi

    Can someone help me..my dob is sep 23 1988, I have a boy and would love to try for a girl, what upcoming month should we try for a girl? (im not prego yet) we wanna start

    • you can try this month August, or wait after your Birthday after Sep 23rd ,Oct, Nov, Dec. 🙂

      • kmi

        if i do it right now might be a boy then?? im just wanting to do it now haha

  • silla09

    HOW DO I KNOW WHAT I’M HAVING? MY BIRTHDAY IS APRIL 24,1988 and I got pregnant in july please someone let me know

    • it says you are having a BOY 🙂

  • christy

    can any one help me i am confused my birth year is 30th may 1984 ,,,,andi am pregnant form 20 july 2012 , what will be my babys gender,,,i will be thankfull from my heart for the one who helps me,

  • Sara

    My birthday is July 12, 1991 .. pregnant from April 2012 .. DD Jan 13th 2013! Any help please? =3

  • Kmillar

    I’m 20 and conceived in the month of may.. What am I having?

  • HB

    Hi Christry, Its a BOY….

  • Bayheadbug

    My birthday is July 26 1982 and i conceived in december 2011, confused with all this lol! Can someone tell me what Im having??

  • amz123

    hi there please could some1 help me am really confused my birthday is july 30th and i concieved in april 2012 pleassseee help

  • liz

    Im confused, can someone help me figure this out. My bday is may 26th 1980 and i want to try for a boy.

  • eli

    Pls help. My dob is may 26 1980. I want to try for a boy. what is my lunar age and lunar month

  • Dolly

    Hi dear plz anyone help me…..my dob is 7nov1983 conceived in april2012 ….can u help me finding out my baby gender…..

    • Dolly

      No one is there to help me……….? I had left msges before also….but no one replied….sad…..

      • reema


  • new mother needs help

    can anyone help me please, i couldnt understand the calculation
    i live in zone 3, my BD is Apr 9 1981, i conceived on May 5 2012.
    what would be the baby gender please

  • denea

    ok im 24 an my due date is feb 5th so wouldn’t i have conceived in june right?

  • bmws

    how do you know what to put in on the solar and lunar month part? sorry, but i’m confused!

  • bamber89

    I conceived the day after my birthday…is this still accurate?

  • nherna

    my b-day is april 27 1980 conceived june 2012. what would be my predictions if someone can help, thanks


    MY DOB IS NOV 12,1990

  • bluered

    Hello my DOB is 2 aug 1985. My 1st child was a girl when i got conceived in september 2009. i came to know about this chineese calender very recently but predictions say that my 1st child should be a boy.Plz can someone help me how to calculate gender.This time im planning for a boy a sweet brother to my daughter.

  • bluered

    can some one help me my DOB is 2nd aug 1985 so what will be my correct age as per chinese lunar or solar or what ever in order to work out with this calender.

  • jadie

    Please help me determine my baby’s gender, Im so confused… My birthday is January 25, 1979, I conceived on June 2012… Hope someone help me determine my baby’s gender… THanks….

  • amu

    hi my birthday is june 11 1984 and I concive july 2012 ,can anybody help me what I am having?

  • Shantz

    Well, there is a 50% chance of this being accurate. I have 2 boys and the chart both times said I would have a girl… For my 3rd It also says girl. I guess we will see…

  • lorpu

    hey does it matter what age is the man

  • shalini

    My birthday is Jan 14 1988, and I conceived on April 2012. Can someone
    help me with what I am having?? I am so confused with all the Chinese
    age and month thing :))

  • shae

    hay my birthday is jan.17 1993 . i conceived in july 2012. can someone help me out i reallycurious in wanna know what im having im finna be 3months sept 1. i already got a boy . but wanna girl so bad

    • may

      Yours girl i think

  • jandriene

    I noticed moderator deleted the comments of the two women over 45 who could obviously use the chart…but why?

  • jandriene

    Sorry I just found them! M

  • Baby T

    Some Charts do Lunar Month as well as Lunar age. Thats why charts a different. The Lunar Month is 2 months earlier then what you conceived. And Lunar age is a year older then what you are. So If I conceived in July and I am 23 the Lunar is May and 24 So I am having a girl….. Thats what I got out of it…

  • shane

    im 34 years old right now, planning to have a bay girl, will try to make it before the end of the month this august 2012, do you think will have a baby girl?????? thanks your answer wlll be a big help, God bless

  • Hayley

    Hi can some1 help I’m 25yrs and im 5wks pregnant! Born 29/8/86.. What am I havin?.. Thanks

  • Emily

    Hi I’m 29 have 2 girls and would love my 3rd to b a boy.. But obviously not bothered regards what as long as healthy that is! Just some old wives tales or anything that could help my chances.. Goin off this chart if working out correctly would I have a boy from now til sept if I was successful concieving this yr???

  • nada

    My birthday is September 12 1985, and the due date it’ll be on 4 February 2013 . Can someone help me with what I am having????? thx

  • Frazee

    My birth is April 27, 1976 and conceived in October 2012 what is my baby gender

  • RJ

    Hi my dob 5 dec 1977 my last 1day period 23Feb2012 now i am pregnant for 6 month my due date 30nov2012 , may i knw what baby I going to give birth ?

  • RJ

    My DOB 5DEC1977 and my last period on 23FEB2012 .Can you help me what baby I am Having ? My due date 30NOV2012 .

  • elaine

    hey am 29 and would like tryin for a girl if i fell preg now wat would it b?? ppl r sayin that u add 2 years on ur age is thst rite? email me at elainemc41@hotmail.com thanks x

  • latoya

    How do i calculate my chinese age,my actual DOB is february 24, 1986. i conceived in july>

  • Mirry Garcia

    if i was born Nov 24 1982 and I conceived on July 2012 what am I having??

  • amy

    My daughters birthday is July 22,1995 and she is 15 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Could u please help figure out what she is having. Thank you

  • Kayla Allen

    ok my birthday is january 23rd 1990 and i conceived on july 2012 can someone help on what im having?

  • sapna

    my date of birth is march 4 1989 and my last L M P was 18 dec 2011. plz tell me what i m having?

  • swati

    My age is 36 and i conceived injuly 2012. can somebody help me whether i will have a girl or a boy as i found the Chinese calendar very confusing.

  • Jbaby

    Ok I’m confused birthday is 9/13/92 conceived in June 2012 due march 2013.

  • Viswa

    My wife date of birth is 7th February 1985 and her expected date of deliver is 8th September 2012. Can I expect / know whether it is baby boy or girl now immediately.

  • Mayra

    I dnt get it am 19 and conceived in may pliz help!!! DOB jan,4,1993

  • llangley

    Help. i was born sep 21 1990 and concieved in april

    • sweet4dayzz

      a girl

  • llangley

    Help. i was born on sep 21 1990 and concieved in april

  • llangley

    Help. i was born on sep 21, 1990 and concieved inapril

  • llangley

    Help. i was born on sep 21, 1990 and conceived in april

  • llangley

    I was born on sep 21, 1990 and concieved in april

  • christy21

    Can someone help me with this i was born Jan-9 1991 i conceived in April

    • reema


  • neelam

    my date of birth is 12/1/1984 n i conceived on july 2012
    Can someone help me with what I am having??

    • reema


      • reema

        sorry its a boy

  • Kp marie

    Jan 9, 1992 concived july

  • Amanda1

    Can you help as well? My birthdate is September 22, 1977 and I conceived in April 2012. Thanks!

  • Amanda

    Can someone help me as well? My birthdate is september 22, 1977 and I conceived in April 2012. Thanks

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  • Pcjoy

    Is december on a regular calendar the same as a Chinese calendar or would December actually be January

  • bhaw

    i am 17 weeks pregnant and mybirthday is 18 april 1989 and i concived on april 2012 some body please help me what ia m having?????????? please..

  • R

    31 and conceived in December- Boy 🙂

  • Dia

    Hi, can someone help me with what I am having? DOB July 5 1978 conceived on April 2012. Thank you.

  • Amelia Pickeral

    Please help me i was born 9/23/1990 and i conceved 8/17/12 what will it be?

    • mamabradley


  • Mary

    My birthday jan 22,1983 and I conceive Aust2012,can someone help please??

    • mamabradley


  • Amelia Pickeral

    Can someone help me please. my birthday is 09/23/1990..conseption was 8/17/2012. will it be a boy or girl?

    • mamabradley


  • Mom2twins

    My Chinese age is 28 my month of conception is June, what is the Chinese lunar month? Am I having boy or girl? Please help:)

  • wrong

    Well not accurate t other way around as a matter of facts. See l was 25 and conceived my daughter in September ( she is 6 years old now ) and according to this l was told a boy, now l`m 32 and conceived in may it says we are having a girl which we know it is a boy without any doubt.

  • yesy

    Can someone help me my birthday is Nov. 4, 91 and i conceived on july 2012

  • vanessa

    Birthday oct 11,1987 conceived july7,2012 help

  • Rajshree

    My birth date is 4th April 1983.If I conceived in Oct/Nov/Dec or Jan (one of these months),what would be gender of my baby? Which month would I get Baby Boy?Please help.Kindly reply

  • kim

    my date of birth is 13 may 1984 i concive in june 2012 so what is my chinese age

  • Dips

    this thing is so damn confusing :(.. can somebody please help..my DOB is march 30 1984 and i conceived in the month month of april 2012

    • mamabradley


  • Nehal Patel

    Hi My birthday is december 15th 1982,and i conceived on july 2012 .can some one let me know what m i having?pz help me!!!!!!

    • mamabradley


  • Anon E. Moose

    You got 2 out of 3 wrong! Haha

  • sb

    Aug 2012….my birthday is Jan 21 1989…help me please

    • mamabradley


  • sarah

    this works, i got preg at 19 in feb, had a girl. and 20 in june, had a boy 🙂

  • amz

    hi ive left messages on here a month ago but havent got no replys please may some one help me as i am having my 1st child godbless anyone that can help,me i concieved in april and my date of birth is july 30 1991

  • Itzelth

    Hi my birthday is december 6,1990. I really want a girl but im confuse of which month is the best to get pregnant. Can someone help thanks

  • vinbert

    hi m 27 male wat right time to have sex wit my wife

  • mommytobe23

    Im 19 my biryhdays oct 23 , 92 i got pregnant in june . someone help me please

    • mamabradley


      • amz

        hi could u please help with mine

  • elle

    I conceived in March 2012 and I was 35 years old when I conceived can someone please tell me what I might have 🙂

  • deeps

    Hi,i am 26 now.we r trying for a baby boy. My bday is nov 21,1986.
    Can u suggest how can i get a boy

  • Shocked.

    Im suprised some of you have children with your excellent grammar skills.

  • nono

    im 29 and my due date feb 19 .. it said a boy ,but my ultrasound shows a girl ?!!!!!

  • sezi

    1 correct 3 wrong and i certain this ones a boy but says girl

  • maria

    So confusing i am 19 and i made my bby on july wat woyld i be having

  • devi

    Hey can you help me out in was born Mar 4,1985 and conceived in March 2012????

  • misskfb13

    UGH! I don’t understand how to convert my age and month of conception to Chinese, HELP 🙁 my birthday is May 2nd 1991 and I conceived on Aug 23 2012. My time.zone would be Birmingham. AL thanks

  • Saima

    My date of birth is 7 march 1985 n i concieved in august so wat dose it say??

  • mommy27

    I think if you had inaccurate results then you must have calculated it wrong. You’re supposed to add one year to the age you conceived to calculate your lunar age. Then factor in the month you conceived. It was right with all of my kids and I have 7. 🙂

  • Amberdan

    Im not sure how to do mine. My date of birth is 11/20/94 and i got pregnet august 20 of last month. It was epotpic but i just wanna knw wat it would hav been

  • bg

    February 1982 and conceived in August? B or G?

  • eve

    i was born on March 22,1983,,i Conceived in February 2012,,what am i having please?

  • Wishing

    The chart doesnt say add a year to make it lunar. where are you coming up with that?

  • liz

    Dont get this please Help. D.o.b 08/24/83 concieved 8/7/2012 What am i having

  • liz

    Dont get this please Help. D.o.b 08/24/83 concieved 8/7/2012 What am i having

  • Ashley

    I am currently 24 and conceived in September can some one help me calculate what im having

  • punam sinha

    my birth date is 10th nov 1981.nd i conceived on feb 2012. may i know what i m having?

  • Arby

    It is not true, if you planning to get pregnant do not rely on this chart. I had a first boy but this chart said it going to be a girl, second time it when I got pregnant I was hoping for girl,and that is what this chart said” a girl” to bad it is another boy. The chart is a lie, so some people it is just a quisedence.

  • Noreen

    Hi , can u help me wether I have a boy or a girl? I’m so confused 🙁
    My birth day is January 10 1990 and I conceived on July 2012

  • leig129

    I swear by these chart. I have four kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. All were predicted correctly with this chart, we actually used the chart before we concieved to try for a girl and it worked! 🙂

  • Rilly

    I think alot of these sites have it wrong. Try going with your age and due date (age when due)

  • rexiboy82

    please help me…im 38 trying to have a boy we have 3 girls,,,when do we try to get pregnant…why do u add a year to ur age..so oct. or nov. to have boy….hlp help plzzzz

  • swati chauhan

    hey i m pregnent and i want to know about my baby’s sex my last period date is 24 may 2012 and my birth date is 20 jan 1988

  • kc

    Hi. I was DOB 9/15/74 If I were to conceive this month, would it be a girl, or boy?

  • Ericka003

    I am 25 conceived on feb. help me with what im having pls.

  • Just wondered

    But does that mean of women conceive at same age/month every woman will have same gender child?

  • dannygrl85

    Love this…used it after having 5 girls…finally got my boy! And I back tracked…it was on the money with all my girls .

  • kabs

    its so true, av helped people with it

  • anjuan

    My Girl 24 Her D.O.B 6/11/1988 she conceived in Oct.2012 wat we having ??? #HELP

  • nancy

    FYI::::::::::::some people get their predictions wrong because they use their age but in chinese lunar year u are 2 years older..example im 23 but in lunar year im 25 so i look at the chart as if im 25 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • worked out all 4 of my kids and 2 boys and 2 girls are all correct…also done the family and friens and everybody seen 2 come up the right sex…thank god hahah


      Hi Jo . we are planning for a baby boy if god wishes…my wife’s DOB -02/05/1982 ( ie. 02 May 1982 ) . which months are suitable for conceiving a baby boy this year or the beginning of next year ? thanks

      • Alyssa Olson

        jan, nov, dec this year

        and jan, March next year

    • dr sid

      hi jo i am in trouble i posted many time but no reply i want to concieve a bbay boy this year could you please tell me in which months of this year i should ty to concieve for a boy my date of birth is 26 jan 1987 according to chinese calender i am of 28 years old now is that true?….tell me plz any one plzz tell me the months of this year or next year for boy

  • amzy1

    hi there can some one please help me with mine as i have posted on here many types but no replies… please could some one work out the sex of my baby i concieved in March/april times not quite sure when i am due on dec 15 and my dob is 30/07/1991 please could someone help me thankyou

    • Alyssa Olson

      it says girl

  • jeny1038

    hi i am trying to have a boy and my dob is oct/16/81 when can i have a boy

  • Cinny Tea

    According this I’m having a girl. I hope so 😀

  • success1008

    Hi Jo . we are planning for a baby boy if god wishes…my wife’s DOB
    -01/09/1984 ( ie. 01 Sep 1984 ) . which months are suitable for
    conceiving a baby boy this year or the beginning of next year ? Thanks…..

    • hi…all i have done is use my age at conception and added a yr…then worked out the month i concieved each of my kids…. i have 4 …2 boys and 2 girls…so when i was 20yrs old i concieved my eldest daughter in the december….delivered her in the sep…but i added a yr 2 my concepton age….(which works out the actual age i was once i had givern birth)….

      ive done this with all my kids and all come up right…2 are grown up now tho hahah……..my daughter is having a baby….shes got a 20 week scan this tue….. i predict a boy….. lets see if im right i’ll let u know….

      as 4 trying 2 work out when 2 concept i honestlt wouldnt like 2 say…..wouldnt like 2 be responsible 4 that one x

  •  Plz can some one tell me .. my real age is 33.. so when i look up this chart .. do I use the Chinese age i.e 34 .. or my normal regular age ?

  • Nijlah

    Hi, we are planning for a baby boy… my DOB in 17 dec 1981. which months are suitable in the begining of next year??? thanks…

  • i was 21…. and con in the dec..=girl… i was 24 and con in the april =boy….i was 33 and con in the sep =girl…..i was 38 and con in may..=boy……ive also done all my family and all seem 2 come back right…..

    so my age is my actual age i gave birth rather than my conception age…dont know if im right or not but its worked out 4 me every single time doing it this way….good luck

  • This is so accurate! I knew I was having a girl soon as I found out I was pregnant, AND I DID!! Planning for a son in a few years 🙂

  • Yap

    I am a chinese but in fact im confused too. I wish i can have answers to the below :Age in chinese – should we consider before birthday or after? If i was born on Dec 1980 but i conceived in lets say May 2012, i should consider the chinese age 32 (before birthday) or 33 (if consider by year)?

    Month – in certain year, there will be leap months in chinese calendar. Shuold we also follow the same?? If in Geogorian calendar of Oct and Nov, in chinese lunar calendar may be having leap months and become both Sept. So we take it as Sept??

    Conceive date – means the day we “try” or the date of our last period??

  • This calendar was 100% correct at predicting both of my children’s genders with my age according to the Gregorian calendar AND my Chinese age.  In Gregorian year 2001, I was 32 Gregorian years old & 34 Chinese years old in the Gregorian month of Sept when I conceived, which both predicted I’d have a daughter.  My daughter is now 10.5 yrs old!  

    In Gregorian year 2004, I was 35 Gregorian years old & 37 Chinese years old in the Gregorian month of August, which AGAIN both predicted I’d have a son.  My son is now 7.5 yrs old.

    I had NO idea back then, when I 1st found this calendar, that I needed to know my Chinese age for gender predictions.  I also used it to help others wanting to know their babies’ gender.  It’s NOT 90% accurate, either!  It’s 100% accurate!  I understand why they say it’s 90% accurate, as this isn’t helpful in regards to paternal twins & multiple births, where the Mother is pregnant with both genders.  But in the case of identical twins, as they’re either male only or female only, it then is 100% accurate. 

    • can u plz tell me how calculate my age is 24 i was born in 15 dec 1988 and i wanna get pregnant of baby boy

    • Dom

      After having my 2 girls, I have come to reliaze the chinese calendar and it has it both right for my 2 girls. I am a 34 year old woman born in June of 1978. I am thinking of a third one but I need some planning for the boy. Would you please help me? Thank you!

    • Dom

      After having my 2 girls, I have come to reliaze the chinese calendar and it has it both right for my 2 girls. I am a 34 year old woman born in June of 1978. I am thinking of a third one but I need some planning for the boy. Would you please help me? Thank you!

      • I have 2 girls too, and planned for years to finally have our boy. I’ve noticed there are a bunch of different versions of the chart out there. Everything lined up girl for my 2 girls and cross referenced about 10 different charts to get a boy. Everything says boy except the ultrasounds which are far more accurate.. so unfortunatley I planned a boy based on the accuracy of these charts and its a third girl. We also did all the other swaying things too but no luck.. Its all chance!

  • Does anybody know how to work this? Im having a baby and trying to figure out what im having but havent a clue how to work this please would be a big help thanks xx

    • it goes by the month of the luner so it depend on how old u r when u concieve then u should add a year old for the luner nd then u go to the month u conceived then it shall tell u g or b

  • my chinese age was 20 and con in july and I did have a boy… we are ttc and it says if I get pregnant this month ill have a girl… HOPE SO

  • This thing was too on point, kinda scary First child said it would be a girl and I had a girl and Second child said it would be a boy and sure enough I have a 5 month old boy

  • This has been correct for everyone I know. However it was wrong with my 1st. Guess I’m just in the 10% that it’s wrong for. 😀 Hoping it will be correct for when we try for our second. I was 21 conceived in April = girl I had a boy.

    • Johanna Deakin

      It said boy for you.. 21= 23 on the lunar calendar +April=Feb. on the lunar calendar… = boy

  • It was wrong with my first. Said I was gonna have a boy when I had a Baby Girl. Right with my Second. An it said My Third is gonna be a little girl.. I guess we will see in about 9 weeks if it was wrong again or right again…

  • it was right with my first one nd it was a girl nd now it says im haveing another girl we will see

  • well i tried every chart and every gender quiz on the internet, and  they all told me i was expecting a girl. well my ultra sound proved it wrong. im having my third boy.

    • So funny, I did the same thing and everything said boy for me. My ultrasound says im having my third girl.. why does it seem like people are having a bunch of one gender lately?!?!

  • Kristin Loveless

    This chart is wrong about my current pregnancy and a few of my friends pregnancies the one I find more accurate you do not need to use the lunar month or age. this said it was a boy but im def having a baby girl.

  • KImberly Bresett

    It said i am having a girl and i am according to the ultrasound at 16, 19, and 21, weeks.

  • skye ruprecht

    Can Someone please help me work this out, im unsure of what dates to put in the boxes but my birthday is 31/10/1984 and my babys due date is the 17/10/2013. 

  • Michael and Liisa Miller

    it was right with both of mine

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  • Sathish K

    We have a Princess – 5+ years old and now plan to conceive. Wish & pray to have a Boy Baby. My wife DOB: 06.05.1982. Kindly advice and reply to ksathishk@yahoo.com

    • ana

      t’a girl…:))

  • Shivani Prajapati

    Hi, i am still confused. please answer me it will be girl or boy. Please i am very tensed. My birth date is 13 Aug 1989. Please answer me i will have girl or boy. me and my family want a boy. And my LMC was December. Please answer me. It is very important for me to know.
    Reply me on shivatsprajapati@gmail.com

    • ana

      It’s a boy…:))

  • lakshmi dhayalan

    Hi…I and my family want a boy baby…pls any one can calculate for me…my date of year..may12 th1976…we r planning comming June…pls let me kno

  • sunitha

    Hi,my birth date is 22nd november 1987 and my LMP is march 29th 2013.for me baby boy or baby girl?please inform me to my email id yasodhasunitha87@gmail.com

  • natalie fulcher

    My dob is 22-01-1994 could you please tell me if im havin g a girl or boy

  • kathleen

    hey all .. just backtracked and this was correct with my first daughter.. we just came back from our anatomy scan this time around but the u/s tech was really unsure and said baby was very difficult to see well. so according to her she thinks it might be a girl because there is no obvious bump for a penis however I have heard from many many women that there isn’t always a very noticeable penis until the scrotum drops. We have however our 3d/4d ultrasound booked for next week to double check 🙂 P.s. according to this chart I am to be having a boy. and not to insult the u/s tech and all but I honeslt feel /believe that this baby is a boy.. not that it matters to me at all, just a gut feeling per say 🙂

  • Nelia

    I was just playin around on this and seeing if it was right for my sister and it stated a boy for her and she gave birth to a health boy. : ) And so I checked for myself before my first ultrasound and it stated a girl and when I did my U/S it verified that it was true my baby girl Heaven will be here any moment and happy and patiently waiting to hold her and our kids to show her alot of love! It
    to me works! : )

    • dr sid

      how you calculate tell me i want to concieve boy in which month of this year we shuld do intercourse…email me plz drsid82@yahoocom

  • deep

    hi i hv two darling daughters nd wish to hv a baby boy.i,m planning in month of july this year and my date of birth is 15 feb 1976..pls email at dimplejuneja@yahoo.com..i want help

  • Marehet

    Hi Pls help, I am born 1969/12/24 and conceived on the 9/07/2013. Boy/Girl
    thanks Marehet

    • Ping-ping Dato-on Leganden

      girl??it says ur having a girl..

  • Elizabeth Torres

    Hello I’m a little confused on the chart hoping for some help. I was born march 3 1988, and conceived around July 19-20 not to sure. 🙁 boy or girl?? Thanks!!

    • Brooke Chadban


  • sheila adams

    I can’t figure it out. I was born may 8, 1985 and concieved around may 4-5. Am I having a boy or a girl?

    • Brooke Chadban

      How old were at conception? I calculated 27 or 28?
      If you were 27 at conception in May, you are having a GIRL
      If you were 28 at conception in May, you are having a GIRL.

  • malathi

    hey hi , my date of birth is 22.11.1989. and i am concieved in month of july2013. so tel me, am carring baby boy or girl?? pls let me know

    • Becky

      You were 23 when you conceived in July and it says a boy.

  • Joanna T

    Hi not sure how to work this chart out, can someone help pls? My date of birth is 27 march 1982 and conceived around 15 November 2012. Am I having a boy or girl?

    • Becky

      You look at your age when you conceived and the month when you conceived. It looks like you were 30 in November so it says you’d have a Boy!

      • Joanna T

        Thanks Becky! 7 days overdue… boy or girl this baby does not want to come out!

  • Christina

    Hi there I have the same problem with Joanna don’t understand how to work this out. My DOB IS 18/8/77 and conceived around the 11-13 of June 2013. Can someone tell me if its a B or G ?? Thank you.

  • jan

    My DOB is 15.01.1978 and conceived around 31st jan to 2nd feb 2013. Can anyone tell me is it a boy or girl?

    • Dina Gamal

      it is a boy….did u find out by ultrasound, let me know if it is true…..

  • zak

    mine was right.had a baby girl.

  • yna

    dob 16 apr 82, try to have baby boy…

  • Courtney

    My date of birth is 01/28/93 conceived in August 2013 is that a boy or a girl?

    • vikky

      It’s a boy

  • Ebu

    My date of birth is 2/5/85 and I conceived august 2013. Pls can anyone help me to calculate thx

    • vikky

      It’s a boy…

  • Ebu

    My dirty of birth is 2/5/1985 -nd I conceived august 2013pls can anyone calculate for me thx

  • Toothfairy

    Dear Ebu,

    It’s a boy!

    Your chinese age is 29, and
    conception was on the 7th month, so it s a BOY, and it’ll be a boy even
    if you had conceived 2 months earlier or 3 months later.

    This is a pretty good predictor, has not been wrong.

    • Ebu

      Thx toothfairy, am so glad to hear this even though my husband wants a girl cos they are all boys and all his brothers kids are boys also. I will just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best…..

    • dr sid

      dear tooth fairy
      can you calculate for me that i want a baby boy i want to concieve next year in which month i have to concieve my dob is 26th of january 1987 i dnt know knoe how to read that chart….

      • vikky

        In the year 2014 .. Feb, April, July , August September, October and December… for a boy only. ..

    • ella

      Hi toothfairy!!! Can you PLEASE help me! Birthday 29/07/1981 conceived in Oct and due 11 July 2014? PLEASE 🙂

      • vikky

        It’s a girl. …

        • ella

          Hi Vikki, unfortunately I miscarried the above but am now pregnant again and am wondering again….DOB 29/07/81, conceived Jan 14 and due 12th Oct 2014…thanks 🙂

  • Tania

    Can someone help me calculate? Please 😉 my birthday is September 01,1979. My last period was in June 26,2013. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and live in Mexico City

    • Tania

      And I was 33 at conception

      • vikky

        Please mention the month of conception

        • Tania

          July 2013

          • vikky

            July is a girl. .. if it was August then it would be a boy

          • Tania

            Thanks so much! So excited!

  • AngieNdj Baker-Dillon

    Can someone help me out I’m trying to find out the gender of my daughter in laws baby I can’t figure it out. She was born Jan 20 1996 and concieved around July 14 2013 she is about 12 weeks along & is due April 26 2014 & lives in Roanoke Virginia

    • vikky

      This calender works only from 18yrs age…

    • vikky

      If u would mention the age of the person and conception month. … I can try helping

  • PEI2010

    Please Help 🙂 TTC and really want another girl.. my bday is Feb/12/83. What would my Chinese age be? Hoping it happens this november.

  • Tori

    i need help predicting .. my birthday is march 19th, 1993 age is 20 . not sure exactly when conceived . missed my october cycle . so maybe september/october

    • vikky

      Not a problem at all. … if it’s October then it’s a girl. ..
      If it’s a November then it’s a boy. …

    • vikky

      September is a boy and oct is a gal.. again its a boy until December

  • ella

    Hi!!! Can some one PLEASE help! Birthday 29/07/1981 conceived in Oct and due 11 July 2014? PLEASE 🙂

    • Lak

      Should be a girl. Congratulations either way.

      • ella

        Hi Lak, unfortunately I miscarried the the above but am now pregnant again and am wondering again….DOB 29/07/81, conceived Jan 14 and due 12th Oct 2014…thanks 🙂


    Hi!!! Can Someone help me OUT as well? Birthday 09/23/1991 conceived in Oct and due July 5th 2014? Thanks a lot :))

    • Lak

      Should be a boy. Congratulations either way.

      • CHERRY

        Thanks!!! I hope its a girl lol…

  • Michelle Cleto

    Can u please help me my birthday is june 11,1984 conceived in oct. Due date july 11,2014. .thanks in advance

    • vikky

      V need ur conceive date/month and ur age… That’s it

      • Michelle Cleto

        Wow thank you. . Yeeehuh. . I really like it to be girl. .hehe. . Thanks again. .

        • vikky

          I aint a toothfairy… just a normal person

  • Sylvia

    Can someone help me. Im 32, birthday is June 26, 1981. Conceived in Sept 2013 and due date is June 20, 2014. Thank you.

    • vikky

      It’s a girl. …,.

  • Latasha

    Can someone help me calculate my age at conception is 30, I conceived in October, my bday is 11/21/13 thanks so much

    • vikky

      It’s a girl. …..

      • dr sid

        I want to concieve for a boy next predict for a month plz my dob is 26 jan 1987

        • vikky

          February, april, July, august, sept, october & December of 2014

    • vikky

      October is a girl… nov and December would hav been a boy

  • Amber

    Please help. I conceived in April 2013, age at conception 40. Babys due date 17th January 2014. Birth date 9/3/1973. Thank you so much. X

    • vikky

      Its a boy

  • AyeeJayy AllSmiles

    Please Help ! My birthday is 12/23/96 and the baby was conceived in july

    • vikky

      Wats ur age

  • dr sid

    Hi vikky I want to concieve a boy next year can u predict for me the month in which I shuld concieve for a boy my dob is 26 jan 1987….

    • vikky

      February, april, July, august, sept, october & December of 2014

  • dr sid

    Vikky is this prediction chart is true ?

  • maluz reyme

    @disqus_kguxMIYaO2:disqus Help me, I want to know my baby gender, i’d did two ultrasounds, but the doctor couldn’t see the baby gender, the baby moves alot, my birthday is: 02/16/1985. the conception month was June.

  • maluz reyme

    Vikky Please help me, I want to know my baby gender, i’d did two ultrasounds, but the doctor couldn’t see the baby gender, the baby moves alot, my birthday is: 02/16/1985. the conception month was June-2013.

    • dr sid

      its a girl

  • dr sid

    Vikky is this chart is true can I follow this blindly to concieve boy in the nextvyear

  • AB

    Please help. I conceived in AUG 2013, Birth date 31/8/1988. Thank you so much.

    • dr sid

      Its a boy

      • AB


  • KB

    Conceived Nov-2013 birthday 06/09/1988 please help.. Thank you

  • Rosemarie Gomez

    Conceived Sept.21 2013
    Birthday Oct. 06 1980.Thank You so much

  • Swapna Reddy

    Conceived Sept 2013
    Birthday sep 7 1982

  • Leela Krishna

    Please someone help me.
    Conceived August 2013
    Birth date 1994 june 23 rd
    Age 19 years

  • sandeem562

    Hi I need to know what dates to start conception in order to have a girl PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE 2BOYS AND I WANT A GIRL….THIS WILL BE MY LAST TIME BEING PREGNANT 🙂 DOB: SEP, 05, 1984

    • Tom

      MAY to November 2014. And please make love ovulation day!

  • Madison Rangel

    I am 20 years old. I got pregnant on July 1, 2013. My due date is March 24th, 2014 and my birthday is September 10, 1993. Please help me find out. I am 22 weeks pregnant and impatient.

  • Dew Orchid

    Had my last periods on 7th October 2013, birthday 26th June1984, Please make my child gender prediction>

    • Tom

      It is a Girl dear

  • fitmama

    Could you help me too please….
    born 10/6/1987
    conceived 11/6/201 or LMP of 10/23/2013( I know LMP one for sure)

  • Dew Orchid

    Had my last periods on 7th October 2013, birthday 26th June1984, Please make my child gender prediction>

    • Tom

      It is a Girl.

  • dr sid

    31st march 1979 my dob….predict the month for baby boy in 2014 for ke plz any one can help me

    • Lak

      December 2013, March, April, June.

    • Tom

      March , April , June , Oct ,Nov and Dec 2014.

  • simran

    My DOB is 31/12/1978 . Can u tell me when can I have a boy in 2014 .thank u.

    • Tom

      February , April , May and September. April or may is best. you have to get pregnant that time.

  • preeti

    hi myself preeti,
    my DOB is 2nd Dec 1983 .can u tell me when i can have a boy in 2014.plz help me.thank you.

    • Tom

      February and April

  • dr sid

    My dob is 26 january 1987 calculate the month of baby boy for me in 2014…..if I would concieve in jan bfr 26 than what will be the age of mine at conception 26 or 27

  • eve

    This says my chinese age is 37 with a luner conception date of 8/26… this chart only goes to 34… is it a boy?!

    • Tom


  • eve

    Nevermind… I found the full chart, it is a boy 🙂

  • Sumaya

    Hi, I am 36 yrs old and got pregnant on november, 2013. I am having twins. Can you predict the gender for them?

    • ashley orr

      It looks like boys. But could be one of each. Probably not two girla though

  • shalini

    HI, this says my chineese age is 27. my due date is in the month of june 2014 . pls let me know who i am carrying?
    my DOB is 17/01/1988.

    • Tom

      A Girl!

  • ABI

    someone help !!! i am very much confused, I actually wanted a boy my age is 22oct 1989 which month should i get pregant to get a boy, please let me some say jan some say feb and mach, please help me

  • ABI

    somebody please help , we area in the urge to decide

  • shalini

    HI, this says my chineese age is 27. my due date is in the month of june 2014 . pls let me know who i am carrying?
    my DOB is 17/01/1988. pls help me..

    Thank you

    • ashley orr

      Its based on their lunar calander. It is usually ahead of ours. I had the same question with my second baby

      • shalini

        how can this gender be calculated?
        do u have any idea..
        Thank u

    • Tom

      A baby Girl!

      • shalini

        Thank u..

  • ritu

    my date of birth 21 july 1983…. i want to conceive baby boy pls help me which month to better chances for boy…….

    • Tom

      February and April only chance a Boy!

      • ella

        Hi Tom, can you please help me? My date of birth is 29th July 1981 and due date is 12th October 2014…. please……..thanks 🙂

  • celeste

    this says my chineese age is 33 and my due date is july 30th 2014 and my dob is 8/27/82 am i carrying a boy?

  • dr sid

    my dob is 26 jan 1987 iwant to concive for a baby boy this let me know the mnths of this year in which i would concieve for a babyboy

  • Kelsey

    Hello I need help on callculating my baby’s gender plz! Bday 10/26/1995 conception date 11/6/13 and due date 8/2/14! I’m 14 weeks thanks(:

  • mommytobe21

    My date of birth is 5/5/1992 I conceived in the end of DEC to beginning of january sometime it was kinda unexpected my Chinese age is 23 am I having a boy or girl?

  • Malak Elhawa

    I am having difficulties with this could anyone help me.., my dob is Aug 5,1986 and my conception date is Mar 3, 2014 will I get pregnant with a Girl or Boy?

    • Ashley Coleburn Carr


      • Ashley Coleburn Carr

        You take your current age of conception 27 years old and then take the month you conceived, March…and you meet at girl

        • Jhj

          Well.. I checked the age and lunar calendar convertors and they told me that on March 3rd your Chinese age is 29 and on Chinese lunar calendar march 3rd is actually on February. This gives result: Boy. Am I lost here?

      • Malak Elhawa

        Oh ok I thought that you have to change your age to a Chinese age and Chinese Lunar month…. Didn’t know it was so simple…..Thanks for your help

  • ella

    Can someone please help me? My date of birth is 29th July 1981, conceived in Jan 2014 and due date is 12th October 2014…. please ……..thanks 🙂

    • Tom

      It’s a Boy.

  • mayame1

    My dob is 5/24/1986 got pergo march any one can help me please ?????

    • Tom

      march 2014?

  • jerrica

    I’m lost my dob is October 26, 1987 I’m due October 19,2014 I conceive in January 2014 help please

    • Tom

      It’s a Boy.

  • Jhj

    Could someone help me? I am born on April 7th 1983 and live on time zone GMT +2. Which months are best for baby boy on year 2015. The lunar calendar confuses me since it makes it difficult to read the chart. I have seen other calendars that are different and they do not talk about lunar months at all. For me the convertor says that February 2015 is actually December 2014 on Chinese lunar calendar. Confusing!

    • Tom

      december 2014 , Feb and Nov 2015. this month you have to make LOVE. then you will get pregnant “next” month.

  • shoooooosh

    i was born in 1988 -10-2
    i conceived at 2013 – 12 -16

    could any one helpe me !

    • Tom

      It’s a baby Girl.

  • Mary Puraci

    Hi tom, I’m 33, dob is 3-16-81….would love our third to be boy…August seems to be consistent on every calendar…but it also looks like all the months around August are girls…is it a strong month or an iffy month? Thanks

    • Mary Puraci

      Time zone is pacific…..cali

  • Stacey Kaiser

    Totally confused born 1897 conceived jan 2014 time zone Scotland what ever that is to you lol

  • bunty

    i don’t know how to calculate time zone and neither the exact conception date!!my dob is 29-07-1983 and conception month is February 2014

  • sabz

    Hi, my birth date is 13 feb 1985 and my concieving month is april 2014 so pls help me to know.

  • Jazz

    Hi, My date of birth is 30/03/1983 and i Conceived in November 2014. Can anyone please help me to know what I am haivng???

  • Meghan

    My date of birth is 5-19-1992
    and I conceived in April of 2014
    so what whould I be having??? I really want a girl

    • SarrrBaby

      well this tells you girl lol was it right

  • suhana

    hi my date of birth is 18-01-1981
    i conceived 25th may 2014.
    can u tell me which gender i conceived?

    • SarrrBaby

      it says your having a girl. was it right?

  • jassi kaur

    hii am jassi..can u tell me when I can have a boy in 2014..my DOB is july 20 1986

  • shilpa jain

    My DOB is 1/7/1987
    My date of conceptiopn is march 20,2014
    Can i know which baby gender i have.

    • Edmond

      hi shipa, based on the information given and using the chinees chart, you would give birth to a baby girl

  • suk

    Hi can anybody help me my dob is 19 Nov 1984 want baby boy which month in 20715 anyone can help please

  • suk

    Hi I am born 19 nov 1984 i want to know months for baby boy in 2015

  • Kristen Stacey

    ….. mothers. Ya’ll looking kind of dumb. The months going down (as like vertical) is the month you conceived… the numbers going horizontal, is your age. Doesn’t matter what month you were born in, just your age. You guys can do this!!

  • Santi Thapa

    My dob is 10 March 1991
    Due on 3 jan 2015/31 dec 14.

    Boy or a girl?

    • SarrrBaby

      based on this your having a boy, is it right?

  • Tammy

    Hi all,
    Based on the calendar I suppose to have a boy but when I went for an ultrasound I had been told that I am having a girl. I had a feeling from the start that I am having a boy. I don’t know what to do now? I don’t want any surprises. I mean I already bought girl’s clothes and am really excited that I will have a little girl. But the instinct is keep telling me that I am having a boy ? any advice

    • Aysha

      Hi Tammy, Did you have a baby girl or boy? Super curious….

  • Baru

    HI, What needs to be entered in Solar and Lunar Year in the 2nd chart ? My DOB is 7/30/1985 and my conception date is 9/23/214. Can somebody help me to find out the gender ?? Thanks.

    • SarrrBaby

      it says your having a boy was it right or wrong?

  • ellan

    Hi tom my dob is 17 nov 1984 ,due date on 10dec 2014 can u pls tell me boy or girl

    • SarrrBaby

      it says your havng a boy was it right?

      • nithya

        Hi, thank u so much for u r reply, i am very sad bcz my baby it was abortion. We r very sad . Can u help me .again i want to concevie boy baby. my dob is 17 nov 1984 .i want to concive for a baby boy this let me know the mnths of this year in which i would concieve for a babyboy.

        • SarrrBaby

          I’m sorry to hear about that. Was it an emergency abortion? And if you want to conceive a boy it says try in November or December but since your birthday is in November try in January or march is what the chart is saying.

          • ellen

            Hi sarrrBaby. I need on clarification last our discussion regarding (boy baby concevie) u r valuble reply was november to januray 2016) but this periods i have to go for overseas my office project. So i will miss this month so pls kindly help me 2016 i need really boy bay .which month is this possible after january 2016. I dont have any option . Pls help me u r my guite (well wisher) .i want to soon u r reply .

          • SarrrBaby

            January. March and december of next year

          • ellen

            Tks u so much .i really happy for u r reply.

          • ellen

            Hi sarrrbaby , this is ellen my dob is 17 nov 1984 ,due date on 23/01/2016 .last u r answer was about boy baby ( january or march ) etc …but now i pregnant 4 month starting now tell me i want now gender?pls reply u r answer soonl

          • SarrrBaby

            Hello again. So your 4 months today that means you conceved in February? Or January. If you conceved in January you will have a boy. If you conceved in February it will be a girl. That’s what this calendar says

          • ellen

            Hi sarrrbaby , January 23/01/16 my due date . May be we r going to june 1 week ultrasound scanning for gender checkup.hopefully we r pray for boy baby dear.later i let u know. Tks


    CONCEPATION DATE 23-12-2014

    • SarrrBaby


    • Ayse Nur Tumer

      Hi Savitha, have you found out the gender of your baby? Soo curious

  • shravani

    Dob 29 june 1987
    coneption month 26 jan 2015 please tell me gender of my baby

    • SarrrBaby


      • Aysha

        SarrBaby you are incorrect with your calculation regarding this table. Shravani, i am assuming you are 27 years old (and 11 months). According to the table, you will have a ‘girl’.

    • Aysha

      Hi Shravani,
      Have you found out the gender of your baby? Soo curious as you are probably over 5 months pregnant now??

  • nithya

    Hi frds, my dob is 17 nov 1984 .i want to concive for a baby boy this let me know the mnths of this year in which i would concieve for a babyboy

    • Aysha

      So you are 30 years old (and 6 months). Try your best to conceive during November, December and January for a boy. During Feb-Oct, you have a higher chance of conceiving a girl.

      • ellen

        Hi fr, thnks you so much for u r reply,i sure try this year, december 2015 ,januray 2016 .but according to chart my age is starting 31st bcz my birth day is november 17th .so its can possible for boy baby . Pls help me clear my doubt.and so sure i need boy baby.

        • Ayse Nur Tumer

          Hi Ellen, I understood exactly what you meant. Even though you will turn 31 mid Nov this year, focus on the months November and December because your birthday is at the very end of the year. Remember these are just predictions.
          Also your more likely to conceive a boy if you have sex on the day you ovulate as male sperms swim faster and reach the egg first. So try to avoid having sex before you ovulate and only have sex on your ovulation. So if you want a girl (which you want a boy) you should have sex regularly before you ovulate because girl sperms are stronger and last longer. I’ve read a lot online and these are some of the things i found. But end of the day, its Gods will. =]

          • ellen

            Wow,thnk u so much

          • ellen

            Hi ayse nur,this is ellen .god grace i m pregnant about 8month starting. My due date in oct 28th . My lmp was jan 21/01/2016. Have u pls tell me my baby gender. Last yr we spoken this topic. My dot 17/11/1984

  • preeti

    hi my DOB is 2nd Dec 1983.i want to concive for a baby boy,already my 1st child is a girl please help me and let me know when i can get pregnant to conciev a baby boy .

    • Aysha

      So you are 31 years old (and 6 months). According to the table, try to to conceive during December and January for a boy. During the months from April to November, you may have a higher chance of conceiving a girl.

  • Norma Rodriguez

    hi my DOB is 12/20/1993
    date of conception was Feb 2015

    what am i having?

    • Aysha

      I am assuming you are 21 years old (and 5 months). According to the table, you will have a baby ‘GIRL’.

      • Norma Rodriguez

        How accurate is this chart?how accurate is this chart?

        • Aysha

          I’m not too sure. I think its more of a prediction. Everyone is telling me i’ll be having a boy, and the table says the same. I’ll have to find out in 2 months in my ultrasound. When do you find out?

          • Norma Rodriguez

            I find out next week. I will just have to wait and see

          • Aysha

            Please do let us know when you do find out! I am curious myself. What do you think your having though?

          • Norma Rodriguez

            Will do. I honestly think it’s a boy but who knows

          • Aysha

            Sorry one last question, how many months will you be when you find out the sex of the baby? I want to find out with mine ASAP but i’m only 9 weeks lol. Feeling super impatient

          • Norma Rodriguez

            I will be 20 weeks so 5 months when I find out gender. I was impatient as well lol

      • Cassi Ryan

        My DOB is 2/19/1998 and my baby was conceived in june. What will my babies gender be?

  • Jovita Chianina

    I was born 05/12/1976 when can I conceive for a male ,boy child.

  • Jovita Chianina

    Please help me. I am really desperate ,I need to conceive this 2015 and I want a boy.Thanks

    • Aysha

      Hi Jovita, what is your date of birth? We need that first, according to this table to predict when you can conceive a girl or a boy.

      • Jovita Chianina

        05/12/1976 Or 05/December 1976 thanks you so much

        • Ayse Nur Tumer

          Hi Jovita, I am assuming you are 38 years old (and 6 months). According to this table, try to conceive on July, September and November this year (2015). And next year (2016), try to conceive January, March-May, August and October for a boy. But remember there is no guarantee. Its just a prediction. Good luck =]

  • Jovita Chianina

    Thanks alot

  • mairaj zafar

    my dob is 2 march 1985 .i want to concive for a baby boy this time plz let me know the mnths of this year in which i would concieve for a babyboy

  • sonubjassal

    Hi…my wife’s birth 18 may 1986… I want born baby boy ….plz tell me to taka a chance

  • jaya

    MY dob is 02/02/1986. I want to conceive a baby boy. Which is the best time to conceive ?

  • mitra

    Hi my birth 19 September 1981 and I am 15 weaks and 6 days pregnant ,please tell me what is my baby gender.☺☺☺

  • Dominica

    Hi my birthdate is 2/2/1991 , am 24 years pls I want to have a baby boy this 2015, pls tell when best to conceive a baby boy

  • Dominica

    Pls help me am desprete need of a baby boy this 2015, my birth date 2/2/1991

  • bhakty

    Hi.. My dob 31/8/1990
    Conception date 17/12/2014.. What am I having??

  • bhakty

    Hi.. My dob 31/8/1990
    Conception date 17/12/2014.. What am I having??

  • Ilkay

    My rob is 09/06/1979. I want to conceive a baby boy. Which is the best time to conceive?

  • Minhal Raman

    hi my DOB is 13 june 1991
    date of conception was 25 march 2015

    what am i having?

    • SarrrBaby

      So your 24 now but concieved at age 23 so your most likely having a girl!

  • pari004

    My DOB is 4 th January, 1986. Day of conception is in mid Feb, 2015. I would be on 9 th cloud if I am blessed with a cute little baby girl. Can you please predict the gender of my baby?

  • lynda

    Hi! My dob is 5-22-1973, ya I’m going to be an older mom.. I recently married my best friend, this will be my second baby..my baby boy is 22 years old…I’m terrified at the thought of starting over but excited too because its my hubby’s first baby. I have no idea what my conception date is, I was given the due date of 5-3-2016. I would love to make his dreams come true and give him a baby girl, honestly considering my age…I just want a healthy baby..

    • SarrrBaby

      So im going to take a guess and say your last period or day of conception was in July.. possibly july 28th you concieved at age 42 soo you are most likely having a Girl!! Congrats. This calendar was accurate for me so i hope it is accurate for you! You are 10 weeks pregnant now so you will know the gender in a few weeks most likely when you are 20weeks pregnant. When you find out deff share the news if its accurate for you. 🙂

  • JC Logan

    Hi my DOB is January 1,1987. I want a baby BOY. When is the soonest month to conceive?

    • SarrrBaby

      January. March. July. August. September. October.

  • Anna star

    Hi my dob is Feb 25 1985…..I want a boy..When is best conception time for me?

    • SarrrBaby

      January. November. And december

  • Linda

    Hi I’m Linda .i

  • ellen

    Hi im ellen, my DOB 17/11/1984 . I want to conceive a baby boy. Which is the best time to conceive 2016 ?

    • SarrrBaby

      February. May. June. july. August. September

  • Lady Love

    Hello please help I’m so curious my DOB February 12,1987 My last period was September 16 2015 what gender will i have?

  • Haya Sandhu

    hi i m from pakistan n dnt know how to calculate my chinese age and cant find mnth of conception….i m 25 years old ….first pregnancy n due date is 29 january 2016…

    • tanveer

      baby boy

  • November

    I’m 17?? My date of conception was in September.. They dont show my age. In not 18 until december

  • Chatana B Winnegan

    My Bday is Aug 26 im 26 had my last period

  • Chatana B Winnegan

    Bday Aug 26 im 26 last pierod October 13 wat m i havin????????

  • rajeev

    my B day is 1981-Feb-3 l last period 2015-march-24

  • ana

    my b-day is 14.05.1978,my last period was October 12,what gender will I have

  • Ashley

    I am 22 right now, my DOB is 10/15/1993 and my due date is June 25th, 2016. I think my conception date is 09/19/2015 so that would have made me 21 when I conceived. Can anyone tell me what the calendar says I will have?

  • Suji

    Hi Mi LMP Was 24-09-15..Based On this They Have Given My Due Date 25-07-16…My DOB Is 29-12-1989…Is it BOY Or Girl..

  • jyoti

    my DOB is 06-09-1985. My LMP is 20-08-2015. my due date is 25-05-2015. Is it boy or girl?

  • Wysdom Zerba

    Hello. I am trying to figure this out. My DOB is july 23,1993. I am 5 weeks pregnant today. I am told i am due september 4 2016. I am trying to figure out if i am having a boy or girl.

    • Jamie

      There is no sure way, Im on baby #3, I’m 31 and conceived in January, the table says boy, but it is wrong with my 2nd born. And no age for my 1st. I’m beginning to believe in the way I eat tells. I have 2 boy’s and they both carried differently. I craved Italian food with my 1st, and Mexican food with my 2nd. Never did I crave sweets until now. I eat fruit and crave sweet drinks like peach juice or strawberry. I’d say go with your guy. I’m due in October, good luck, wish you the best!

  • Madhan Kumar

    Hi , my DOB is 17-APR-1987 , born in India and i am 5 Months 20 days Pregnant as of today , my due date is May 28 2016 , please help me out to know the gender of my baby

  • nancy

    my dob is 29 nov 1982, looking for baby boy, please suggest recent month in yr 2016, please revert soon. Shal i concieve in May-2016 ??

  • Tiamaria Gooding

    – Do You Have To Be The Aqe First. ? Im 25 && It Say I Will Have A Girl At 26. November. ?

  • Janine Norton Davis

    Hi my dob is 8/14/1979. I have two boys and am desperate for baby girl. What months do you recommend to conceive for 2016? ty

  • Ariana Grande-Butera

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  • Hellen Monica

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    Yours faithfully,

    Hellen Monica

  • vijay gagare

    my wifes birthday is 15 sept 1984 .In which month should i try for a baby boy.I have daughters. So i am trying for a boy.Please guide me as best as you.I am waiting reply.Email:jspm.gagare23@gmail.com

  • Gerta

    Hi , my birthday its aug/31/1983 and I conceived in dec 2016 my due its 09/16/2017 , i would like to know if its boy or girl , Thanks

  • Khush

    My birthday is 21st Sep 1985, my LMP was 12th Oct 2016, my due date is 17th July 2017. I would like to know if I am having a boy or a girl?

  • Naza

    my DOB is 4 may 1992 and i want to concieve on feb will it be a boy or a girl
    i have a girl child now i need a boy someone should help me

  • trinadh rao

    My birth date is 06 july 1990, my LMP is 14 feb 2017.i would like to know if i am having a boy or girl

  • Ambka Baniya

    Hello. I am from Nepal and my DOB is 1989, 11 of March. My LMP was Jan 28, 2017. Could you please predict the gender of a baby.

  • Shalini Shalu

    Hi I have baby girl and now I want to conceive baby boy in 2017 and my dob is 10-10-1990 please let me know which months are best to conceive baby boy in 2017

    • Cristal walle

      I have a girl shes 6 and i was born 10-10-90 i conceived in sept. And im having a boy in july 😀

      • Shalini Shalu

        In which year u conceived

  • Anshu Khemka

    Hi..my birthday is 2/8/1984. I conceived in Feb 2017. Could u PLZZ let me know my baby sex. I am already a mother of 5 yr girl.

  • Anshu Khemka

    My last Lmp is 3rd feb


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  • RC Jayasuriya

    LRMP 30.03.2017. Birth day 07. june. 1987. Have a boy of 2 year and 6 month . predict the sex please

  • brooke holman

    I am 27. I conceived at 26 in July. I am due april 19 2018. Lmp was july 14 2017. I have 2 girls, would love for the 3rd to be a boy…need of help…what do you think? Pink or blue for baby #3

  • Om

    Hi.. My dob is 23-sep-1993… My conception month is November.. What would be the gender is my baby.?.. Thanks 🙂