Katie or Bruce? Choosing Your Baby’s Gender

Given an opportunity to decide the gender of their child, women are equal in choosing blue or pink crib dressings, new research shows. “Choosing a baby’s gender is a subject that’s nearly taboo for doctors to discuss,” said Tarun Jain, a reproductive specialist at the University of Illinois, Chicago. “However, it’s vital in understanding patient […]

What You Eat May Help Predict Your Baby’s Gender

  There has long been speculation regarding whether a mother’s diet influenced the gender of the baby. While there is a pretty big body of folklore to suggest that it does, the scientific community has largely rejected the notion until recently. In 2007-2008, the Universities of Exeter and Oxford conducted a study to examine the […]

Gender and Babysitter Choice

The stereotypical image of the teenage boy is a case study in irresponsibility. The teenage boy is reckless, obnoxious, entirely hormonal, generally out of control, and completely unable to cope with any sense of duty. This is the last person that you would want to baby-sit your child! The traditional image of a babysitter is […]