How successful is the Shettles method at selecting your baby’s gender?

The Shettles method of selecting your baby’s gender has been around for about the past twenty-five years. Proponents of the Shettles method suggest that it has proven to be extremely successful. When the Shettles method is used correctly, it is thought to be successful in about three quarters of cases. There has been some research, […]

How does the Shettles method predict gender?

The Shettles method uses the timing of conception, along with a variety of other factors, to not only predict gender, but to actually attempt to determine a baby’s gender. Understanding the guiding principles behind the Shettles method is an important part of understanding how exactly the Shettles method can be used to predict gender. The […]

How can I predict my baby’s gender using Drano?

First of all, it should be said that it is probably best not to predict your baby’s gender using Drano. While this method of predicting your baby’s gender has been around for a long time, there is not scientific evidence to suggest that it actually works, or that the results are in any way reliable. […]

How can an ultrasound be used to tell my baby’s sex?

An ultrasound is one of the most reliable ways to tell your baby’s sex. As a matter of fact, an ultrasound may be the only way, short of something like genetic sampling or amniocentesis, that you will be able to tell your baby’s sex with any degree of certainty. Understanding how an ultrasound can be […]

Can pregnancy symptoms predict the gender of your baby?

There has not been any definitive scientific research that suggests a connection between having certain pregnancy symptoms, or the severity of pregnancy symptoms, and the gender of your baby. Having said that, many women believe that their pregnancy symptoms can indeed predict the gender of your baby. Even if it isn’t the most reliable method, […]

Are there gender prediction tests?

There are indeed a variety of gender prediction tests that people have used to determine the gender of their baby before their baby is born. Some of these tests are unscientific and fall into the category of myth, while other tests are actually fairly reliable in terms of gender prediction. In terms of the unscientific […]

Can I use ovulation to predict my baby’s gender?

Technically speaking, you can use ovulation to predict your baby’s gender. Using ovulation to predict your baby’s gender has not been proven through scientific study, though. Still, there are compelling medical reasons why you may be able to, with some degree of accuracy, predict your baby’s gender using ovulation. At a minimum, since there are […]