Will Heart Rate Predict Gender?

  It’s not uncommon to want to know your baby’s gender, even before you hit that 20-week ultrasound where you will usually find out. So many myths surround gender prediction that it’s often difficult to discern the real from the surreal.  Of all the pregnancy myths, gender prediction myths are probably the most encountered. The […]

How Does an Ultrasound Work for Determining Gender?

  While there are many ways that you can try to predict your baby’s gender – some of which work, others of which are based on myth – one of the most reliable methods is of course the ultrasound. Short of advanced procedures such as amniocentesis or genetic sampling, an ultrasound is the one medical […]

Urine-Based Baby Gender Prediction Tests

  Historically speaking, the best way to determine your baby’s gender has been with an ultrasound. While there are plenty of other indicators (some based on fiction, others actually based on science) actually observing the presence of male or female genitalia on an ultrasound has always been the most reliable method for gender prediction. One […]

Is There A Natural Way To Select My Baby’s Gender?

The fact of the matter is that the advances that we have made in terms of medical science in the last century is staggering. Yet, some of those advances can, in many ways, be a little bit frightening. In some ways, we seem to be tinkering with things that it just doesn’t seem natural to […]

Predicting Your Baby’s Gender With Old Wives Tales

Predicting your baby’s gender with old wives’ tales is not the most scientific or the most reliable method for predicting your baby’s gender. However, it can be the most fun way to go about predicting your baby’s gender! If your health care provider has not yet been able to determine whether you are going to […]