Are there supplements that I can use to help with gender selection?

Nutritional supplements may be able to help people with a variety of sorts of problems or conditions. While most nutritional supplements have not necessarily been proven through clinical trials and scientific study, many people believe they have had positive results with supplements. Supplements have been able to help people when they are trying to conceive, […]

Diagnostic Testing and Baby Gender Prediction

Two tests that can be performed during pregnancy, amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling, can both reveal the gender of your baby with accuracy. Both of these tests carry the risk of miscarriage after having the test done. Amniocentesis This procedure is used to extract amniotic fluid from around the baby in order to test for […]

Ultrasounds and Baby Gender Prediction

The number of ultrasounds you will have during your pregnancy will depend on how your pregnancy develops, if you have any complications and your doctor’s philosophy. Most doctors will not perform an ultrasound expressly for predicting the gender of your baby. Predicting the sex of your baby is an added bonus during the routine ultrasound. […]